Friday’s Feature: Naz Fashion Bug

Thank God it’s Friday – I am SUPER excited because it’s my last day at work before I go on vacation!! YEAY! You’re all sick of hearing me tell you how busy I’ve been (I really have! I’ve barely even had time to talk to the Mister these days… which I’m sure he’s not complaining about), and now you won’t have to!

As you all might have guessed, I have known the colours of my outfit for YEARS (honestly, it’s not cool to ask me. I’ll tell you when I want to. THANKS!). The only thing I haven’t decided is the style of my Valima (reception) outfit. Sooo I’ve been checking out lots of designer websites. So naturally, today I want to feature CLOTHES!

Living in Toronto, I am so thankful to all the amazing options we have when it comes to desi-wear. In the last 3 years, the number of Pakistani retailers has increased substantially in the GTA. Wedding shopping, and desi-clothes shopping in general, has become so much more convenient. Yes, there is a slight price difference between outfits here and in Pakistan… but atleast we have the option of buying nice clothes!

If you’re looking for desi clothes in the GTA, I would recommend Naz Fashion Bug. Their collection is stunning, although slightly pricey. If you want bridal or formal wear, check them out – LOVE their stuff!

Here comes the brideee... all dressed in white...

* Images via Naz Fashion Bug’s Facebook page


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