Awkward Moments

After having met with a billion vendors, I can easily say that I have experienced my share of awkward moments. I’m not sure why, but weird/awkward situations always happen to me – probably because I talk alot or something.

Below are some of my favourites!!

Awkward Moment # 1
Me: Hi, Can I get a quote for videography for a 3 day wedding?
Videoguy: I don’t give quotes over the phone. We can meet and I can show you my work and we can talk about pricing
Me: Umm.. I’m going on vacation in less than a week and need to book someone ASAP. So I’d really appreciate it if you can give me an idea of your pricing
Videoguy: I really don’t give quotes over the phone
Me: Okay, well I’m leaving soon and can’t meet so can you give me a range?
Videoguy: I don’t give quotes over the phone
Me: I just want a price range
*Back and forth ensues until he agrees to send me a quote over email. I send him an email so he can reply back with a quote. But before he sends me a quote…*
Videoguy texts: Shaza u mind sending me a picture of u and ur fiance by email
*I stare at the text in disbelief for a few seconds before responding back*
Me: I’m not comfortable sending our picture… What is it for?
Videoguy: Just want to see who I’m  going to shoot for
*I think: OMG! Is he going to quote me a price based on how I look?! Professor Bailey was right in ECO100!! Goodlooking people DO get treated differently!*

Awkward Moment # 2
Me: I want to have an “X” themed wedding.. I want it to feel like X [using elaborate hand gestures to explain what I mean] Decorator: Oh okayy… [looks confused]
Me: I want THAT [pulling out a picture and pointing at it like a 5 year old]
Decorator [smirks]: Where did you get that picture?
Me: Umm… I stalk alot of people…
Decorator [laughs]: That’s my work – the decor in the picture is done by us
Me [akward laugh]: Oh yeah? I stalk alot of people…..

This scenario has happened more than once.

Awkward Moment # 3
Videoguy # 2 shows me someone’s wedding highlights. I stare at the groom (Imran) trying to figure out how I know him – I know I’ve seen him somewhere for sure. Suddenly, it hits me..
Me: Is that Imran… the guy from “CHACHA” Jewellers?
Videoguy#2: Yeah… you know him?
Me: Oh.. no.. I’ve just been to his store.

Awkward Moment # 4
While looking through a photographers pictures, I blurt out:
Me: Oh! I know her! [pointing to a guest at the wedding]
Photog: Oh yeah? Small world. Is she your friend?
Me: I can’t remember how I know her..
*a few seconds elapse in silence*
Me: Ohhhh… [embarrassed smile] I remember seeing her wedding pictures on Facebook and liking her outfit…

This has also happened more than once. A decorator even offered to ask the bride where she got her outfit from.


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