Hello From A Land Far, Far, Away!

I feel like it’s been forever since I left on vacation!! I have had the most hectic first week EVER.

 The wedding was A LOT of fun – I met some of my cousins who I hadn’t met for over 12 years!! There were lots of late nights, busy mornings and crazy evenings. I thought I was barely getting any sleep before I left, but I’m at a whole new level right now. The night after the wedding, some of us cousins didn’t even sleep!

If I had to sum up my vacation in a few words, I would say: hectic (in a good way!), lack of sleep, surrounded by food, lots of noise (you don’t even have to step outside your house to hear all the commotion on the streets), and A LOT of family time. One downside: lack of hygiene sometimes drives me insane.

Hope you’re all doing amazing and missing me!!!


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My name is Shaza and I'm a twenty something year old who's passionate about FOOD and Weddings! View all posts by Shaza's Scrapbook

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