Food Fanatics!

I was going to upload some pictures for all of you… but I’m having technical issues sooo maybe another day!

A quick update – remember how I was trying to lose the weight I had gained during Ramadan? Well, I managed to lose most of it (I was 1.5 pounds away from my goal – and no, it wasn’t “water weight”) but I’ve been gaining weight while on vacation.

Food is a MAJOR part of our culture and turning down food is extremelyyyyyy offensive… soo I stuff myself and say “aur nahi” (no more) a million times, but nobody listens. I eat oily food 3 times a day plus fried snacks… unhealthy but SO yummy! I’ve had chanay (chick peas) and naan for breakfast twice – yup, NAAN!

Ooh and one thing I find hilarious: meat is a big part of Pakistani culture. Being a pescetarian or vegetarian is almost unheard of in our culture – people just don’t get it. Naturally, when I tell people that I don’t eat meat, they think I’m crazy. I’ve come to the realization that everyone keeps says I don’t eat food because food = meat in the Pakistani culture. Vegetables are considered a “side dish,” so everyone has concluded that I don’t eat khana (meal).

I thought I was a food fanatic until I got here. Everyone loves to feed others and be well fed!

Anyway, enough of an update for now – will keep you guys posted!!! 🙂




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