Fashion in Karachi: Current Trends

Before going to Pakistan, I was freaking out that my bridal outfits will be outdated by the time my wedding rolls around. With Pakistani fashion trends changing extremely quickly, and my wedding over 6 months away, I think I was rightly panicking.

Once I arrived in Karachi, I made it a point to ask about the fashion trends at every store I went to.

Current trends in Pakistan:

  • Frocks: lot’s and lot’s of frocks everywhere!
  • Chooridars: Whether it’s a frock or A-line shirt, chooridars are worn with everything. Chooridars are so “in” that they can be found in the form of tights – I thought this was pretty cool
  • Damask Print: in every colour and fabric
  • Banarsi/Jamawar: both “stuffs” are commonly seen on fancy clothes. One thing I love about Pakistan: you can get real banarsi/jamawar and also the cheaper version – making it affordable for a variety of people to buy fancy outfits.
  • Patti: adding a “patti” (line) of a different fabric/colour at the end of your kameez is totally in
  • Length: longer is better. I saw a mix of length: some outfits had super long shirts while others were 3 inches below the knee.
  • Vibrant Colours: it was hard to find the colour black. Bold colour combinations along with softer colours are both popular at the moment
  • Indian Sarees: everytime we asked to see sarees, we were shown Indian sarees: made of net fabric, with heavy embroidery.

I’m not sure how long the trend of long shirts will stay, so my advice: buy outfits that are medium length – two-ish inches below the knee is perfect. Also, avoid buying too many frocks – this trend will definitely change within the next 6-8 months. Classic cuts and lengths are always the safest looks!


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