Friday’s Feature: PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week – Day 4

I was going to post something else for Friday’s Feature but since a few of you told me you couldn’t wait to see pictures from Day 4, I thought I’d continue with the Bridal Week pictures. If I’m being honest, there’s noway I could wait to post these images after the weekend. Patience and me are not friends.

Day 4 featured one of my favouritest designers, Umar Sayeed.


I LOVE the colour turqouise. I wish more brides would wear this!










I like chooridars on guys. Must be the urdu-speakingness in me

Is this drop dead gorgeous or what?!

Karma – Enchanted

This collection was an inspiration from dark fairy tales, their feared villainesses and beloved heroines. The colour palette was dark and the label played around with texture – using cloth such as velvet.

Hey look... it's the Statue of Liberty! I know, I'm lame.

Love the colours and the style/cut of this outfit

I'm really loving orange/peachy colours

Nida Azwer – Awadh Court Collection
This collection drew inspiration from the Awadh Dynasty’s rich and royal cultural heritage which was known for its grandiose traditions and opulence. Following the successful launch of childrenswear earlier this year, Nida also introduced a mens line at the fashion show.

Pretty in pink

Aaaandd… we’re finally done with PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week pictures!
Enjoy the long weekend everyone and Happy Holidays!! 🙂

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