Karachi Shopping: Mayoun

Hope everyone had a fantabulous long weekend! 🙂 It’s time to give you guys more details on my shopping experiences…

Have I mentioned I love Tariq Road? Well I do, because its truly a one-stop “shop” for brides.

I knew I was going to buy my main wedding clothes from Tariq Road, but I wasn’t sure if I could find an inexpensive Mayoun outfit. Going in, all I knew was that I wanted to spend around $50-75 on this outfit – it’s yellow and I’d be wearing it once. Maybe twice. If I was to buy my mayoun outfit from a “designer,” I knew I’d be paying atleast $100.

So where can you find a nice mayoun outfit for a fraction of the designer prices?
Rabi Center at Tariq Road!

In the past, we seldom ventured from the ground floor of Rabi Center – it’s hot, congested and full of weirdos. Who’d want to put themselves through that?! Prior to this visit, I didn’t even know Rabi Center had 7 floors – yeah, 7!!

Anyway, my mom told me that she had seen a shop with mayoun stuff last time she visited Karachi. I knew we’d have to go up to that store.

I wish I could give you guys the name of the store but I don’t think the shops have names – there weren’t any visible signs anyway. All I can say is this: if you’re looking for inexpensive mayoun clothes, please go to the 3rd floor (I think it’s the 3rd!) of Rabi Center. You will find a BIG selection of clothes for an amazingly good price. You really can’t go wrong!

I did make a mistake when I ordered my outfits: instead of buying the ready-made clothes, I asked the store to make a few changes – i.e. changing the colours. The person who took my order was not a regular sales guy and we had a really hard time communicating. Trying to make him understand even the simplest of things was extremely tough – at one point, we were both so fed up of each other that I ended up holding my head and turning away from him. He looked equally annoyed at me. Yup, not the bestest of days.

Once we had placed the order, I thought everything was fine. Nope. Not only were the outfits 2 days late – keep in mind that these were unstitched; once I would receive them from this store, I had to get them stitched by our tailor – but when they arrived, they were all wrong! None of the changes I had asked for were made – I’m pretty sure they got fed up of us calling and gave us whatever was in store.

We were pretty annoyed.

The manager/owner managed to calm us down and we ended up buying 2 of the 4 outfits because they had turned out fine. The other 2 we got from 2 other stores.

Anywho, I would absolutely recommend buying your (and your family’s) mayoun outfits from Rabi Center. Sure, there was a slight hiccup but it’s still worth it since my outfit cost under $50! My only advice: buy things as you see them – since these aren’t designers/boutiques, it’s a gamble if you custom-make things.

No, that's not my mayoun outfit. It was the only yellow looking outfit I have soo in the spirit of mayoun, I posted this picture!

Happy Shopping!


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