Cooking is Driving Me Cuckoo

Over the weekend, I was at the mall with Ghazal and mumma and I got ambushed by my mother. We were in the cooking appliances section (I don’t really know what the “correct” term for this section is) at Sears and she turned to me and said, “Shaza… ab tumhe cooking seekh laini chahiye” (Shaza, you should learn how to cook now).

I thought to myself, Oh great. Here it comes. I knew she was right – with less than 6 months to go until the wedding (InshAllah), I really need to get on the cooking stuff. But honestly, I really don’t care about cooking. It’s not that I don’t know how to cook, I can follow a recipe as well as the next dumb person, but I just don’t care to cook. I’d rather eat than cook – heck, I’d rather do anything rather than cook. If I had to choose between cooking for myself and eating cereal everyday, I’d choose cereal.

Mumma suggested that I stand around and watch her in the kitchen everyday after work. Seriously? I’m already tired and cranky by the time I come home, the last thing I want to do is to learn how to cook. Soooo I told her nope, it’s not happening. Not on the weekdays anyway.

My mom would be absolutely livid if I didn’t make yummy foods for her damaad (son-in-law) – who cares about what her own daughter wants. I’ve been hearing ALOT of the below from her:

  • Tum mere damaad ko bhuka rako gi?”
    You’re going to starve my son-in-law?
  • Mera bechara Nouman… usko khanay ke liye kuch nahi do gi?”
    My poor Nouman – aren’t you going to give him anything to eat?
  • My favouritest, “Woh gosht khanay wala hai… tum usko sirf sabzi khilaogi??”
    He’s a meat-eater (or meatatarian as he calls himself), are you only going to make him vegetables??

I don’t actually mind that she’s being sooo pushy about this whole cooking business. It’s kinda cute that she’s so worried about him – I like that they get along Alhamdulilah 🙂

By the way, I JUST started getting another lecture as I’m writing this. I think mumma’s trying to give me tips on making eggs or something – I’m trying to ignore it but it ain’t working people! I’ve been summoned into the KITCHEN. Sooo I’ll continue this post once I’m back.

Phew, that wasn’t too long. All I hear is COOKING TALK these days. Man, I wish I was a kid again!

I did cook for Nouman once (see picture below) about a year ago. I asked Nouman and my sisters what they wanted to eat and ofcourse, Hafsa & Nouman requested that I make mashed potatoes. If you want to make mashed potatoes from scratch and without any lumps, it takes alot of muscle work!

Sigh. I know that I have to learn how to make a few basic things (other than stuff like daal (lentils), chawal (rice), alloo ki tarkari (um, potato curry?!), pasta, etc) – it’s just hard to get started on the learning process.

My first (and only) at making an entire home cooked meal. Garlic bread, Mashed Potatoes & Mushroom Gravy, Sausage Casserole and a Corn & Bean Salad with Lemon Dressing

Have any of you had/are having the same issues as me? Or does every brown girl just love cooking for their hubby? Help motivate me people!


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2 responses to “Cooking is Driving Me Cuckoo

  • jowayria

    this is what every asian mother frets about when her daughter is going to marry! soon after my engagement my mum said the same thing… ‘you’ve got to start cooking!’ but i avoid the subject like the plague. Doesnt always help my sisters make foody comments in front of my mum starting her off again! eating food beats making it!

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Totally agree – I’d rather be eating than cooking anyday. Surprisingly, since my last cooking excursion, I have not cooked even once! SIGH! I need to stop procrastinating and get started on that

      ~ Shaza ~

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