Food in Toronto: Oliver & Bonacini – Review

Yesterday, I posted about my mumma wanting me to learn how to cook. Today, I decided to write a review of a restaurant – eating is much more up my element than cooking.

I have only been to Oliver & Bonacini 2 times in my life – over the span of around 1 year – and only to the Yonge & Front location. I’m reviewing the food I had on my most recent visit, December 2011. So here goes – a review of Oliver & Bonacini for vegetarians…

Situated just a short walk from Union station, it’s perfect for people who aren’t too familiar with Toronto. It’s a great central location for everyone in the East and West ends of the city.

It’s a trendy, modern and cozy space. I really like the decor and the ambiance is great – it’s not too loud but not eerily quiet. The crowd is somewhere between business and business casual; you see guys in suits but also the group of friends/family celebrating a birthday/night out.

Both times that I have been there, the servers have been very attentive and polite. The first time I was there, we were a group of 4 and we were a party of around 15 the second time. Both times, my diet coke/water was refilled even before I finished my glass – I never had to think about asking.

Overall, I was pretty satisfied both times. The details on what I ordered most recently:

Portobello Burger with a side of sweet potato fries
Fire roasted red peppers, oven dried Roma tomatoes, pickled eggplant, basil pesto, garlic & oregano goat cheese

  • Extremely flavourful – veggie burgers are often tasteless and dry or taste like foot. Not this one – I loved the zing of the roasted red peppers and the tangyness of the pickled eggplant. Yum!
  • Portion size – don’t you just hate paying $15 for a burger only to find that it’s the size of a cucumber? Luckily, the portions at O&B are anything but dainty. The burger was extremely satisfying – SO glad I wore tights that day! Everyone on my table echoed the same thing – the portions were generous.
  • Sweet Potato Fries: yum, yum, yum! These are delish – made to perfection – and the spicy tomato mayo makes the whole thing dangerously addictive.

Portobello Mushroom with sweet potato fries. SO yummylicious and filling

Dessert: Chocolate Marquise – Milk chocolate torte with hazelnut praline crunch

  • Chocoaholics – this is for you.
  • Just the right amount of crunch and softness
  • For your reference: there is a strong taste of Ferrero Rocherness – because of the hazelnut

p.s. The first time I was there, they had a “special” dessert which was just as divine. I don’t remember the name of this dessert but it was a fried donut (looked like a timbit), served with chocolate and crushed hazelnut to roll it in. Yeah, are you drooling yet?

Chocolate Marquise

That's Tiramisu behind the Chocolate Marquise

Pointers For Vegetarians/Pescetarians/Weight Watchers:

  • The Mushroom Soup is a great option – according to their menu, it has no cream or butter
  • Portobello Mushroom is a must try
  • I wish there were more veggie-friendly pasta dishes – I sure wish the Gnocchi was veg friendly!
  • I think you can ask for substitutions to some of their menu items – i.e. ask for no chicken/beef etc

While I did love my burger (I can taste it as I write this post – that’s pretty good, isn’t it?), I wish they had more veggie-friendly options. Other than the burger, nothing else really appealed to me on that menu since I don’t eat chicken/beef…

I would definitely recommend the Portobello burger and the outrageously yummy desserts!

p.s. the bread they put on the tables is delish aswell – super soft and hot. Add a dollop of butter and nom nom nom!


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