Friday’s Feature: Shaza’s Scrapbook

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to feature today. Should I showcase the top weddings of 2011? my favourite outfits? the #1 shoe on my wish list? the bestest “real” wedding of 2011? my favourite restaurant? … you get the picture – the list is endless. Each time I came up with an idea, I shot it down because it sounded just like every other lame blog showcasing a top 11 (for 2011), top 5, top of the tops (seriously?!), or any other “looking back at 2011’s top….”. My ideas were all lame – a fact that my sisters were quick to point out.

So, as the last post of 2011 (can you believe it?), I’m featuring this blog – Shaza’s Scrapbook – and everything it entails: me, my wedding, my food, my life/opinions, and ofcourse, YOU.

I guess you can say this is a reflection of sorts, but it’s really not. This post is more of a celebration – a celebration of an amazing year and hopefully an even better one coming up InshAllah. Not just for me, for all of us.

Some major “stuffs” that happened over the course of last year that I want to share with everyone:

  • Shaza’s Scrapbook – when I started this blog, I had never imagined that I would reach out to so many of you. My main purpose was to organize my thoughts and have an outlet for all my (crazy) thoughts… and since I’ve always loved to write, this seemed like the perfect medium. I am SO thankful that all of you invest your time on this blog and have made me a part of your daily/weekly routine. Thank you for all the comments and emails – you guys are awesome! 🙂
  • Engaged: Even though Nouman and I had our baat pakki in 2010, I finally got my ring this year! Alhamdulilah. The most surprising part? The fact that Nouman proposed! I totally wasn’t expecting it – even though I had been playfully asking him if he was going to. I didn’t think he actually would propose… although my sisters were right all along 🙂 Some of you emailed to ask how he did it… all I’ll say is that it was very US. We’re extremely laid back and it involved our favourite burger joint (every birthday, we have “Birthday Burgers” for lunch – yup, we’re lame :)), roses (red roses yes, but also pink – because it’s our thing), and 2 fake rings that Nouman remembered I liked. Pictures below!
  • Chachi (Aunt): In November, I became a chachi (aunt) to my brother/sister-in-laws baby! YEAY. I haven’t been able to see the munchkin much but I’m hoping to see lots more of him in the new year
  • Trip to Pakistan: I met all my extended family and bought my wedding dresses – along with other things such as invitations, etc

I’m excited to see what next year brings – wishing everyone a year full of happiness, love, success and health!

Oh yeah, and I can’t wait to get married InshAllah!

Chachi avec beeebeee

Comb, glasses/contacts, snacks, my handy-dandy notebook and medication... all set to go!

The fake rings before he surprised me with the real one

Flowers - red and our fav; pink!

Our engagement with the families

Wishing you and your loved ones an awesome New Year! 🙂


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My name is Shaza and I'm a twenty something year old who's passionate about FOOD and Weddings! View all posts by Shaza's Scrapbook

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