Friday’s Feature: Bridal Shower Themes

‘Tis the season to start planning bridal showers…

With most weddings happening between May – October, many girls are scrambling to throw bridal showers for their BFFs. You want to throw an amazing shower but are tired of looking at the same old pictures. You want new ideas for bridal shower themes and you want to be inspired, right?

Well, do I have a treat for you today. I have a double Friday’s Feature courtesy of Strict Weddings. You’re all thinking, “Whaaaaaat?! Double?!”

Yeah, that’s right – DOUBLE. I’m posting TWO bridal shower themes – talk about mixing things up on the blog today! Looks like I’m in an extraordinarily generous mood or something. Not really. I just really, really, really loved both of these themes. I tried deciding which one I wanted to post about but then thought; hey, why do I have to choose? I can just blog about both of them! Yup, I sure am living on edge these days.

Jokes aside, both of the bridal showers are very different styles and reflect 2 very different women but are equally stunning. Check out the pictures below πŸ™‚

Bridal Shower Theme #1: Inspired by Chanel
Photography by Heavenly Blooms

This bridal shower was inpsired by Chanel. The colours are classically chic – black, white and blush pink.

Plate setting makes such a big difference

What a chic cake!

This isn't part of the bridal shower but it was featured on StrictlyWeddings alongside this shower. This cake is by the Pink Box

Bridal Shower Theme #2: Vintage Elegance
Photography by Elizabeth Messina

Okay, sooo I came up with the name myself (what do you think?) because that’s what I instantly thought when I saw this. I love how soft and elegant the setting is – and oh em gee, don’t you just LOVE the dress in the last picture? Oh, and check out that rock! LOVE IT ALL.

These gifts are perfect and so personal; custom-mix scents to create your own fragrance

Love it!

Love, love, love

What do you guys think? Which theme do you like better? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Have a fantabulous weekend everyone – see you on Monday!


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