Shopping in Karachi: Pointers

Since so many of you have been emailing me about my shopping experience, I thought I would give some pointers! Most of these tips can also be applied to those of you who are not going to Pakistan.

Bridal shopping + shopping for 3 other females is super challenging. On numerous days, my mom and I would conclude our shopping trip with major headaches. After all our shopping excursions, I learned alot and want to share some tips that I hope will help you!

  • Bargain: my mom isn’t a good bargainer – if someone lists the price at 10,000 PKR, she’ll either say okay to it or start off at 8,000 PKR. Everytime I go to Pakistan, I am surprised at how overpriced the first quote is. You can bargain at most places in Karachi… take advantage of it!
  • Clutches: if you’re ordering heavy formals, ask the store to make a matching clutch. Some places will outright say no but many will be more than happy to give them (especially if you’re ordering many dresses – they’ll throw in a few clutches with your most heavy outfits)
  • Hijab: same as above – if you wear a Hijab, ask to have a matching one made with your outfit. It saves you the hassle of buying fabric and then dying it
  • Dupatta Border: if you’ve been keeping up with Pakistani bridal fashion trends, you know that medium-thick borders are in. However, be mindful of your face/body cut instead of blindly following fashion trends. One of the best pieces of advice I got was from Maggie Wu (at Shirley Wu Beauty Concepts) – she told me that because I have a smaller frame, I shouldn’t go for a really thick border as it would overpower me. After trying on a few dupatta’s in Pakistan, I could totally see what she meant – you should make sure you stand out on your big day and not be overshadowed by your clothes (this goes for anything – YOU should be memorable, not your makeup, jewellery or decor)
  • Tulle: This is an important one so pay attention people! If you are wearing a sharara on your wedding day – and especially if it’s a sharara with “kaliyan” – then ask the store to put tulle under your skirt. Instead of the sharara sticking close to your body, the tulle will help give the sharara a really nice shape. I’ll post pictures of my tulle skirt after the wedding
  • Be Prepared: Alhamdulilah, everything went smoothly when we went. However, I know that Pakistan is very unsteady and so you have to be mentally prepared. You should have a game plan of what you’re going to do if things don’t turn out the way you want
  • Jaisa Des, Waisa Bhes: This is an urdu saying (which mumma loves btw) which has similar meanings to the phrase, “Do as the Romans do.” What do I mean? Well, I’m an “average” person and I shopped at “average” stores at Tariq Road – I didn’t go to big designers – and so I dressed/acted like an “average” person too. I have seen many people go to Pakistan and deliberately try not to blend in with the people there. If you don’t blend in with the “average” person, you will stand out. If you stand out, not only are you going to be ripped off, but you might also be followed around. Not a pleasant feeling. Blend in.

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