Just Because I’m Excited

I had another post that was supposed to be published today, but then decided to change my mind last-minute (and by last-minute, I mean I jumped out of bed because I couldn’t contain my excitement).

I was having a pretty blah day – one of those days where you feel like crap (maybe it’s all the junk food catching up to me), you look like crap (and you coincidentally bump into a handful of people who you haven’t seen for years), and you don’t really give a crap about anything – for no apparent reason. I looked like this: -__- … that’s my blank look – I give those alot.

Anyway, I had a panic attack today because I was talking to Nouman about our wedding cards and he asked me to confirm how I wanted my parents name. I did. Because I liked to ramble, I started telling him about my wording on my invitations – yes, we’re ordering separate wedding cards – and he said, “Oh, that’s not even my dads name :).”

I freaked out.

How did I get his dads name wrong? I’ve known him all my life!
What the heck am I going to do?
Can I pencil in the missing “i”?
OMG! HOW could this have happened?!

Since Nouman stopped responding at that very second, I went crazy and called my mom and sister. I asked them to check the cards again, incase I was mistaken. Nope. I kept saying, “but I’m pretty sure that is his name…. and the one with the extra “i” is his nickname and not the other way around!”

Finally, Nouman messaged me back and said he was just joking.


Heart attack for no reason.

Thanks friend!!

Besides the panick attack, I came home to find mumma working on my mayoun outfit. She had to add something that we didn’t have time for in Pakistan. Obviously, I got SUPER excited since all I want to do is wear my clothes – I’m not allowed to though! Since my mayoun outfit was already out, I got to wear and dance around in it. SO EXCITING!!

I did look like a complete idiot though – frizzy hair, lack of sleep, glasses and pajama’s. Perfect.

Who cares though. SO EXCITING!!! I got really really really excited 🙂 YEAY! I can’t get myself to sleep because it just hit me; just a little over 5 months left InshAllah


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