Friday’s Feature: Manisay & Faizan – Fusion Wedding

Yeayyy it’s FRIDAY!!!  Friday the 13th that is… dun dun dun…

I’m super tired – just got back from one of my besties mehendi and tomorrow (Friday) is her wedding! Can’t wait to see her all dolled up 🙂 Anyway, I’m going to keep this short.

As you all know, I totally love Z Molu‘s work – his photography is dramatic and so unique. Today, I’m featuring a fusion wedding they recently covered – it is sooo gorgeous! Love the colours and all the outfit changes.

Colours make me happy

So cute! I want a puppyyy

She's stylin

So purty

O hot dayummm...

Gorgeous - love her jewellery

Outfit change for BOTH of them!

Bubbles make me happy tooo


Outfit # 3

p.s. when I get REALLY excited, I start talking gangster. Hence why some of the captions are gangsterishhhh :p

Have a great weekend people!


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6 responses to “Friday’s Feature: Manisay & Faizan – Fusion Wedding

  • Hina Maheri

    You blog has really got me into weddings as well. Now all I ever do is keep going through gazillion wedding albums instead of gazillion pages of my textbook. Weddings are the only thing on my mind these days.

  • Hina Maheri

    I need rehab.. I’m obsessed like real bad.

  • Zara

    I love your blog! I’m so addicted to looking at all these pictures. One day (someday soon I hope) I intend on having a fusion wedding or even two weddings. I would love a purple and gold themed Pakistani style wedding. Originally I wanted red but Usman (my partner) says that’s quite common. My mum wants to see me in a white dress too though, I’d never have thought of combining the two. I always thought it would be separate. These pictures are truly gorgeous!

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Thank you so much – glad you love it 🙂 Purple and gold sounds gorgeous… purple is definitely very “in” these days. Red and gold is more commong but that’s because those are the traditional wedding colours. Just like some people always dream of wearing a white dress, most South Asians grow up dreaming of red/gold dresses. I’ll be posting some tips on fusion weddings soon – maybe they’ll help you out. You can check this post aswell – I think the bride incorporated both cultures beautifully. Her jewellery is very Indian but she wore a white dress… they later also had a reception in India.

      ~ Shaza ~

      • Zara

        Yeah I used to grow up wanting to be different and always dreamed of a red dress as opposed to the traditional white dress. I’ll look forward to your tips, make that I am looking forward to your tips 🙂 I checked out that post too, wow it was lovely, I loved how she incorporated both cultures, it fit really well! (the pictures were amazing too!!) I get excited thinking of my future wedding when reading your blog posts!! 😀

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