Bride on A Budget: How To Save Money

Someone recently asked me to write about how to save money at a wedding. Let’s face it, majority of the material available to brides (online, magazines, TV shows, etc) make us want MORE. A bigger guestlist, a grand venue, spectacular decor, gorgeous outfit(s) – we want it all.

Can you really blame us? It’s all we’re surrounded by!

So I’m hoping that this post will help you realize areas where you can save money.

  • Guestlist: cut it down. Mehendi is the one day you can get away with saying “aunty, it’s a small event – family and close friends only.”
  • Venue: Choose a venue that
    – offers centerpieces (perfect for Mehendis) – why spend money when you can save on centerpieces for 1 day?
    – has colourful overlays – this is a great way to add colour to the room without paying crazy high prices for extra linen or lighting
    – gives stage decor (great for Baraat/Reception)
    Example: Chandni in Brampton – this is a great hall because it is pretty, has yummy food, great prices and lot’s of free stuff. They give you a gazillion colour choices for overlays, have centerpieces (if you don’t like their centerpieces, you can always use parts of what they have – i.e. vases), and they offer stage chairs (if you get chairs from a decorator, they are approximately $400 a piece).
    Tip: Bombay Palace is another hall that offers colourful overlays and simple centerpieces
    p.s. Chandni is our mehendi venue!!! 🙂
  • Number of Events: Instead of having a traditional 3 day wedding, consider combining two events – this will cut down your costs as you will need fewer venues, decor and all the other stuff. Below are a few options:
    Option 1
    Day 1: Mehendi and Nikkah
    Day 2: Reception
    Option 2
    Day 1: Mehendi
    Day 2: Nikkah and Reception
    Option 3
    A small mehendi at home followed by
    Day 1: Nikkah/Baraat
    Day 2: Reception
  • Hair/Makeup: Definitely do not compromise hair/makeup on your main days, but have you thought about doing your own makeup on the Mehendi? Another great option is to ask for “party” hair and makeup instead of bridal – the “deal” artists give you for your Mehendi are not really deals. Lastly, MAC is also a good alternative – if you buy $50 worth of products, your makeup is free (I don’t know about you, but I can always buy makeup)!
  • Menu: Instead of going “all-out” on everyday, go with a simpler menu on one day (i.e. Mehendi). You really don’t need to have 10 different dishes every single day – save that for the BIG day. Instead, opt for a smaller menu – go for cholay, poori, etc!
  • Borrow: Whether you’re having your mehendi at home or at a banquet hall, ask your family/friends if you can borrow things they own. For example, buying fabric to drape around your sitting/stage area can get costly. Ask your close family/friends if you can borrow their dupatta’s or fabric – this works well for Mehendi’s at home. You can also borrow Christmas lights to decorate your house or vases for your wedding/reception centerpieces.

Can I be this colour again? LOVE summer and tans - can't wait!!

Check out this post if you want more Bride on A Budget tips!


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3 responses to “Bride on A Budget: How To Save Money

  • Nadia

    I have been reading your blog for awhile now but never got around to commenting. Your blog posts are always fun and interesting to read!

    In regards to this post, the day of the week the venue is booked for also makes a huge difference in price. I.e. The rates for Fridays and Sundays are always lower than the rates for Saturdays.

  • Nadia

    Just realized that you covered this point in your previous post on brides on a budget. My bad!

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Hi Nadia,
      Thanks for commenting and following my blog 🙂 Glad you’ve found it fun to read – YEAY!
      Haha no worries – you are absolutely right about the day of the week. It makes a HUGE difference. Our wedding is also not on a Saturday – one reason being that it costs so much more (second reason is that we don’t want to be super tired by having 3 back-to-back events!)

      ~ Shaza ~

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