Desi Fashion: Dressing For Your Body Type – The “V” Neck

We all know it’s true – every girl wants to look thin. There’s no point in denying it

Considering the fact that there are SO many desi’s in the world (got to love our families of 10+), I’m surprised that there isn’t alot of information on how to dress for our body types. Seriously, what is up with that?

This post, is part 1 of a series – every now and then, I will be posting about different styles of outfits and how they can be flattering.

Here goes…

The “V” Neck
Not to be confused with the “High Neck” – the desi name for a turtleneck (oh wait, was it just my family that referred to turtlenecks as highnecks? Umm… awkward).

When I say V-neck, I don’t mean the shape of the “gala,” rather, I’m referring to the shape of the “kaam” (embroidery). If I’ve lost you completely, have a look at the picture below – the kaam, in beige/gold, is in a V shape.

I absolutely love V-necked Shalwar Kameez because they narrow your frame – and who couldn’t do with a little narrowing? 🙂 Girls who are self-conscious about their chest or tummy area (who isn’t?!), this is perfect for you! By wearing a V-neck, the eye automatically looks at the narrowest part of the kaam – giving you a slimmer look. It elongates your body while camouflaging the chest and tummy… ahmazing.

Girls with a wide bum: unless you are wearing a very loose A-line frock, I’d recommend to stay away. The V usually ends around the lower portion of your body, which emphasizes that area.

Illusions are awesome.


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