Makeup Artist Contracts

As you all know by now, I am pretty particular about what I want or don’t want for my wedding. I have bugged a few of you about what I should get included in my contracts (especially you, Isra) and I am thankful for everyone’s inputs! I thought it was time that I do some good by sharing my knowledge with everyone else 🙂

So here goes…

Ladies, make sure you get as much as you can in writing. Even if you and your makeup artist have alot of chemistry and become instant friends, you should still get everything in writing.

Why Do I Need It In Writing?

  • To cover your back: prices and services change over time. Chances are that you will have booked your makeup artist around 6 months (atleast) prior to your wedding. While it’s great to book early, it is also important to remember that prices tend to increase. If you don’t have everything in writing, it is easy for the makeup artist to ask you to pay the extra $. You can’t do much on your wedding day except pay the extra amount, right?
  • To cover the makeup artist: Although this doesn’t apply to most of us (since we’re not the makeup artists), I thought I would write this anyway. As a makeup artist, you want to have your back covered.  A customer might claim that you agreed to offer a certain service when in actuality you might not have. By having it in writing, you are ensuring that you have proof what you agreed to.
  • To prevent stress: On the day of your wedding, the last thing you need is to forget to do something. I have heard numerous brides say that they forgot to ask for eyelash extensions on their wedding/reception day due to stress. Well, if you have everything in writing, you can check off all the services as you get them done

Contract Content

  • Your Name
  • The Date(s)
  • The Time
  • The person you have your appointment with.
    Example: if you decide to go with “Shaza Salon (for lack of a better name!),” you need to specify who the appointment is with. Shaza’s Salon could employ 5 different makeup artists – some that you may like and some that you may not. To avoid any confusion on the day of the wedding, ask to have the full name of your makeup artist on your contract
  • The deposit you have put down
  • The balance owing
  • Services Included: I know most South Asian makeup artists will tell you that their standard bridal package includes hair, makeup and dupatta/jewellery setting. But, you will be surprised to know that I have heard of numerous instances where the makeup artist will charge extra for the dupatta setting or the eyelashes. Incase the standard services offered with your package change or the makeup artist forgets, you have your backup if you have it in writing. It’s always best to be prepared!

A true professional will be more than happy to give you everything in writing – they may even remind you if you forget something. I probably sound a tad bit crazy, but from the numerous weddings I have been to or heard of, I know it’s best to be prepared!

By the way, the above list can be used as a guideline for any contract in the wedding industry.

My birthday last year

I look like an alien in this one! :p

Our engagement dinner


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