Monday’s Munchies: Food Log # 1

Before I start talking about my weight, I’m going to say this:

I know I’m not fat so please stop rolling your eyes and telling me I need to stop calling myself fat. When I say, “OMG! I’m so fat!” I’m saying it because 1) I feel gross (err… I’m the Queen of Over-Eating), and 2) I’m lazy. Trust me, I’m not fat and I know it. BUT, I am lazy and I do occasionally eat like a junk food addict.

Phew, now that that’s out of the way…

Contrary to my Facebook friends belief, I am actually a pretty healthy eater most of the time. Sure, I have phases where my Facebook and Twitter accounts are bombarded with pictures of my indulgences… but that’s not what I eat everyday or every meal. I’m a human too (H, please refrain from saying otherwise) – and if I was to eat junk all the time, I’d gain weight. Fast.

Since we are just around 4.5 months away from the wedding InshAllah (I know – can you believe it?!), I need to become alot stricter with myself. I want my skin to look fabulous, my hair to be healthy, my tummy to be toned and flat… and I want to look super hot (for myself yes, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say for Nouman mostly).

Anyway, my Food Log is going to document my eating patterns – what I eat and what I don’t eat. To be honest, this is what my normal eating routine always is so I’m not really “changing” my diet for the wedding. The one exception to this is junk food, I am trying to cut back on my junk binges – I will still eat chocolate and chips, just with reduced quantity and frequency. Hopefully.

By the way, I don’t look at calorie content of food. I haven’t looked at calories for years – there really is no point. I judge things based on their nutrition value and how good/bad they are for my body. Seriously, I KNOW that my muffin top and love handles are a result of eating chips. Chips damage my body in unparalleled ways when compared to other junk foods.

A typical day of eating for me… starting NOW:

– Peanut butter (Kraft) and No Sugar Added Rasberry Jam on whole wheat, multigrain toast (2)
– Green tea
Guys, this has been my breakfast for years – probably a little over 2 years. I’m addicted to PB. My life feels incomplete without PB. Sometimes I also have a granola bar or banana

Snack 1
– Generally around 2 hours after breakfast
– Raw fruits and/or veggies
Any fruit or veggie – I don’t look at calorie content. Seriously. Stop it.
– Today I’m having strawberries and blueberries (around 10-12 strawberries cut in quarters and 1 handful of berries)

– Around 2 hours after my snack
– Soup + salad, wrap, etc
– Today I’m having lentils (kaali daal) with Oatmeal
Yes, I like my oatmeal savoury. No, it’s not gross. It’s actually super tasty – I’ve always disliked sweet Oatmeal (the only way I’ll eat it is with PB). Savoury oatmeal is so yummy – I eat it with lentils, spinach, potato… you get the picture. Try it and tell me what you think of savoury oatmeal!

Snack 2
– Around 2-3 hours after lunch
– Raw fruits and/or Veggies
– Today: carrots and 1 cup of grapes

This is probably the worst for me because I get home and my mom has awesome meals and the pantry is full of temptation. Who keeps buying those darn chips?!
– Whatever my mom cooks; brown pasta with veggies/beans, homemade pita pizza, daal, baked fish & chips, etc

Post Dinner Snack
I try not to snack after dinner since I like to go to bed early. If I’m really hungry at some point, I have fruits, rice cake with peanut butter or a granola bar. If it’s a weekend night and I’m hungry, I sometimes have PB&J sandwiches – can you tell I love PB? 🙂

A typical lunch: quinoa, beans/spinach, and a variety of salads

I also snack on ALOT of nuts throughout the day. I’m a pescetarian so nuts are definitely a great way to get some much-needed protein in my body. I also drink atleast 2 cups of green tea (sometimes 3) – I’ve loved it for years now and it’s a great “de-stresser” for me. Now that I’m back on track with my healthy-eating habits, I’m hoping to stick through with it all the way until the wedding! Keep me motivated people!!


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