Friday’s Feature: The Story of Cinderella

We’re a houseful of girls so I grew up watching Disney and making up stories of princesses and happily ever afters. While browsing through Green Wedding Shoes, I came across this totally cool photoshoot. It’s inspired by the fairytale Cinderella – who didn’t want to be Cinderella growing up? Heck, most brides still picture Cinderella when they say they want to look like a princess on their wedding day.

I love the modern twist on this classic fairytale!

Cinderelly, Cinderelly

Night and day it's Cinderelly

Make the fire, fix the breakfast... Wash the dishes, do the mopping

And the sweeping and the dusting... They always keep her hopping

We can do it, we can do it

We can help our Cinderelly.. We can make her dress so pretty

Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry... Got to help our Cinderelly

We'll make a lovely dress for Cinderelly

Love this shot

When dancing at the ball...

... She'll be more beautiful than all...

In the lovely dress we'll make for Cinderelly

A dream is a wish your heart makes

Have faith in your dreams and someday... Your rainbow will come smiling through

No matter how your heart is grieving... If you keep believing

The dream that you wish will come true

*Images by Three Nails Photography*

Yes, I listened to both songs while writing this 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone!


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