Monday’s Munchies: Monk’s Blend From Teaopia

I’m not much of a tea drinker so this post is probably coming as much of a surprise to you as me. The only type of tea I drink is green tea – and not the fancy kind… I drink the stuff by Tetley and Lipton. So as you can imagine, I was surprised when I had a random urge to try flavoured teas – what an odd craving!

Since I know nothing about tea, I wasn’t sure where to start – what kind of tea would I like? What the heck am I supposed to say to the “tea experts” if I walk into a store? Yeah, a little intimidating!

Anyway, I was walking around the mall on Saturday and I passed by Teaopia. I decided to go in and just look around – secretly hoping someone would help me. I walked up to the counter where they keep all their specialty teas and was greeted by an extremely friendly “tea expert.” I’m pretty open/honest so I told him straight off the bat that I know absolutely nothing about tea and that the only type of tea I drink is green tea. I told him I was also open to black tea as I do like the flavour of it without milk.

From then on, he narrowed down my likes/dislikes based on what I wanted and what I smelt. I really wanted something with pomegranate but the green tea that had bits of pomegranate was almost finished… so we went with Monk’s Blend: Ceylon Black Tea, Vanilla & Grenadine.

I love the smell of this tea! Both of the sisters think it smells like medicine but NO it doesn’t – I like the sweetness of the grenadine and the subtleness of the vanilla. I’m not a fan of the ultra sweet smell of vanilla, so I liked that the this blend has just the right amount of sweetness.

As my first loose leaf tea, I think it was a good choice šŸ™‚ I didn’t have to add sugar or honey so yeay! It has just the right amount of sweetness and pick-me-up goodness.

I can’t wait to try more teas from Teaopia!! I totally want to try something with chocolate and/or almond pieces next – in addition to something slightly more fruity.

  • Caramelissimo: I had a smell of this at the store and it smelt divine! It has pieces of caramel and hard biscuit!
  • Coco Caramel: Rooibos tea, chocolate flakes and caramel pieces
  • Mudslide: Rooibos tea, banana bits, cocoa peel, walnuts, chocolate drops and coconut – I think this is at the top of my list
  • Sangria: Apple pieces, hibiscus, grapes, orange peel, papaya pieces, pineapple pieces, mango pieces, strawberry slices, lemon peel and lemongrass

The blue is from blue corn flower petals

Into the tea strainer we go

Orion's Belt... haha. Get it? Men In Black? Nevermind

Are you a tea drinker? I’d love to hear your recommendations on what I should try next! šŸ™‚


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6 responses to “Monday’s Munchies: Monk’s Blend From Teaopia

  • tearoomdelights

    I hope you find lots of lovely teas that you like. If you like green tea, you might like Japanese roasted twig tea, which is drunk without milk and has an earthy sort of flavour. It’s not sweet, but you could try adding honey to it.

  • Nadia

    I know nothing about tea either. I have grown up hating chai because of the desi obsession with it. Only recently have I started to drink green tea because apparently it’s supposed to help you digest food and I have actually grown fond of it now.

    I tried David’s tea but was hugely disappointed. They made me smell tons of different teas and they all smelled fantastic but when they made the tea, it tasted like water. After that experience, I just stuck to green tea…

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Yeah, I definitely can’t stand the traditional chai although I know my parents love it. I love green tea – been drinking it for over 6 years šŸ™‚ Glad you’re sticking to green tea – its definitely really good for you šŸ™‚

      Give it another try – maybe try a tea with chocolate or caramel. Mmmmmmm

      ~ Shaza ~

  • Yusra

    Salaam ! I love ure post ! Well since I’m a tea-lover n addict here’s wht I advice u to try ! :
    Moroccan tea ! ( since I’m moroccan ! šŸ˜€ ) : mint and green tea in ur cup then add hot water !
    Jasmin white chinese tea ( a light relaxing flavor ) , darjeeling tea , indian spiced tea , turkish apple tea ( if u like strong flavors ) and finally my most loved one and to which I’m addicted in almost a year ; Russian Ear grey ( among the lipton collection ) !

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