Pakistani Clothes in Toronto: Oriental Costumes

Hope you had a good weekend – I certainly did! Nouman was super awesome (MashAllah) and set up appointments with DJ and cake people. Our appointments ran from 12pm – 5:30ish pm so we were super exhausted by the end. I’m glad to say that it was an extremely productive weekend 🙂 We have our cake person now! YEAY

Anyway, I thought I’d continue my posts about desi clothes shopping in Toronto. I heard about Oriental Costumes a long, long, long time ago. I always see Oriental Costumes collection showcased at the Suhaag and Kismet shows – and there are always a few pieces that I really like.

Unlike most desi clothes places, Oriental Costumes is not run from a basement – they have their own store in Mississauga. The store is massive and I really like the layout of it – shawls/jewellery in one area, casual/semi-formal outfits in another and their bridal collection in the back. To top it off, the aunty that owns the store is super sweet.

We went to Oriental Costumes last month and I must say, I was slightly disappointed. The bridal pieces they had at their store were very different from the collection on the runway – many of the outfits seemed outdated and from the early 2000s. The kaam, the cut and the colour combination’s just did not scream trendy to me.

The casual/semi-formals are nice but not fashion forward… you’ll definitely find clothes “in-style” (i.e. long kameez/frocks) but nothing that I would consider unique or exquisite.

I’m assuming they keep the newer pieces stored away for customers who are seriously interested in buying bridal pieces – we had told them that we were not looking for bridalwear.

I would recommend you to check out their store because their pieces at wedding shows are nice and they do offer custom bridal clothes – just make sure you let them know that you are interested in formal/bridal clothing! 🙂

You can also check out my previous post about Naz Fashion Bug.


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