Hey, Soul Sister

I’m sure you’re all sick and tired of hearing me say that I’m exhausted, but I really, really am! I think I’m also getting sick so I’m feeling extra crappy.

Anyway, this past weekend was my sisters Nikkah – hence why I’ve been so busy and tired.

Highlights of the special moments during the event:

  • Taking pictures in our PJ’s the night before while waiting to get our mehendi done
  • Waking up the day of the Nikkah with a sense of calm and peace inside me Alhamdulilah
  • Watching my sister get her hair and makeup done while surrounding by our close family and friends – in person and via Skype/phone
  • All the behind-the-scenes craziness – family strapping on my sisters sandals, watching my parents being wow’d by her (she looked gorgeous MashAllah), running around with the Mister and Sadia… the list is endless
  • Driving with the sister to the venue: I remember feeling totally out of it and so did she. I touched her hand at one point and it was ice-cold – the kind when you breakout in cold sweat
  • Anxiously waiting for the baraat to come – especially the part when all of us were standing at the door with the phool (flowers)
  • Making our entrance with the sister – this part was by far the most emotional. I don’t think it hit me that she was getting married until the moment the doors opened and we started walking. I don’t remember seeing anyone’s face except the realization that THIS IS IT. I remember looking over at the sister to see how she was holding up and then looking at the groom (who MashAllah had a HUGE smile on his face) – looking at both of them made everything more real… and that’s when I started crying
  • The Nikkah: I’m not going to lie, it was hard for me to concentrate on some of the words that were spoken. I remember listening intently and yet tuning things out. I was trying my best not to cry but at that moment all I could think about was us – I wasn’t thinking about my wedding or my time – I was thinking about our relationship. Through the fights, the tears, the laughs, and the memories… this was the moment that I remember being the happiest for my sister. Alhamdulillah. I think I was crying because I was genuinely happy for her and also sad at the sudden change this simple ceremony would bring for our family
    Looking back, the little sister holding our hands during the Nikkah and Nouman trying to make me stop crying were also amusing
  • Hugs: I am NOT a crier – my family and friends will attest to this – but for some odd reason, I could not stop. During the post-Nikkah hugs, everyone kept asking me why I was crying, if I was thinking about my wedding or telling me to stop crying – I remember thinking I must look crazy. All the hugs felt comforting and yet they were making me cry more… because I could see that everyone was also Alhamdulilah happy. I remember looking up several times during the hugs and catching Sardia’s eye – we were both wondering what the heck had gotten into me

Alhamdulilah – today, I feel blessed. May Allah shower his blessings on all of our families and always keep us happy πŸ™‚


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14 responses to “Hey, Soul Sister

  • SippingChai

    I’ve always wanted a sister!! I have 3 younger brothers. I do not have a sister…but it is how I felt on my nikkah day about leaving my family. We aren’t all particularly super close, but there is something about the change that comes along with marriage. It is such a bittersweet day.

  • Mary

    This is such a sweet post a big congratulations to your sister! πŸ™‚ I have 2 sisters and have no idea how emotional I might be when they get married… πŸ™‚ beautiful hairstyle it the pics… those curls are gorgeous!

  • Mary

    Correction… Beautiful hairstyle IN those pics… It’s been a long day πŸ™‚

  • anjaaneraste

    Congrats to you and your family! Such a beautiful post…Reading this made me teary-eyed. There really is nothing like the love between siblings! Love all the pictures too…I’m sure it was a lovely event.

    Out of my siblings and I, I’m the first of the four of us to get married, so I’m sure it will be emotional. My brother, sisters and I are all really close, so I can only imagine what the waterworks will be like at my nikkah and rukhsati.

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Aww thanks so much! πŸ™‚ Alhamdulilah it went well
      Yeah, it’s definitely going to be super emotional when you get married! It didn’t hit any of us until that moment.. Life changing.

      ~ Shaza ~

  • fideeda

    hey shazaa!! i was wondering if u could tell me who did the henna here? its stunning!

  • fideeda

    hey shaza!! i was wondering if u cud tell me who did the henna here? its stunning!!!

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