Venue Review: Candles Banquet Hall

Finding a venue is one of the hardest things to cross off the wedding checklist. For my sisters Nikkah, we had initially planned on having an intimate ceremony at home. However, we’re desi and containing our guestlist turned out to be impossible. Hence, we had to find a small venue in a reasonable budget – much harder than you might think!

Our first pick was Chandni Banquet Hall’s smallest hall – it’s pretty, the food is good and the price is unbeatable. Since we only started looking around 3-4 weeks before the actual event, Chandni (to our disappointment) was booked. Boooo.

We then looked at Candles and Sahara – the latter being slightly too cramped for our guestlist. So how was our experience with Candles? Here’s a breakdown:

  • Really liked the hall when we saw it – they renovated it a few years ago and it looks MUCH better now
  • The sister and I were slightly taken aback when the owner asked us who the decision maker is – from that point onwards, it seemed as if we weren’t being taken seriously because we were 2 girls (we have gotten this ALOT). We tried negotiating but we left slightly annoyed – we wished we had our parents with us to do the bargaining
  • Nouman volunteered to go and talk to Candles – hoping that a guy talking to another guy might help. It didn’t. Most venues do offer to throw in atleast 1 thing for free – i.e. a chicken or vegetarian item – but Candles was pretty rigid and refused
  • After weighing in costs and realizing the difference was marginal, we finally decided to book them
  • When both our parents went in to talk to them, we did notice a difference in their approach –> keep in mind, this seems to happen at ALOT of desi venues. It definitely is not an exclusive behaviour at Candles
  • The day of the event, the owner listened to every single thing we asked – they were on top of EVERYTHING Alhamdulilah. I made last minute changes to some of the table settings and they accommodated it easily. They were present the entire night and checked in with me numerous times. My family and I were really impressed at their professionalism on the day of our event – they didn’t give us room to complain about anything.

Overall, I would recommend Candles; their venue is pretty and the price is reasonable. Their in-house decorator is awesome as well – review coming up soon!


  • Make sure you have an elderly male figure when you are bargaining – I would recommend this for any venue you are going to
  • While it is a pretty hall, I wouldn’t recommend it for a Mehendi – the dance floor in the big hall is off to one side which can kill the mood. In the smaller hall, you will always have your back turned to one side of the room or you’ll be staring at a blank wall (divider)

Vendor reviews and tips on how to wrap presents for your in-laws coming up! πŸ™‚


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