Desi Skin: Makeup by MAC

For the Nikkah, I contemplated getting my makeup done – on the one hand, I know my face and can do my own makeup pretty well. On the other hand, this was my sisters Nikkah – I wanted to look different.

I was slightly skeptical about getting my makeup done from MAC because I’ve seen a few friends get it done and sometimes the foundation looks really cakey. If it’s not cakey, then its super shiny and you need sunglasses just to look at their face (just over-exaggerating!). I was also unsure about MAC because I feel like I can do what they do with their eye makeup.

Anyway, after much-debating, I decided to just get it done by MAC. I knew I wanted to buy makeup before the wedding, so might aswell get a free makeup application, right? 🙂 (For those who don’t know, if you go to the MAC counters at the Bay, you can get your makeup done for free if you spend $50 or more). I figured that I would be really specific about what I wanted and if I didn’t like it, I could always tweak it!

I’d recommend you make your preferences very clear. Here’s what I told them:

  • Foundation: Something very sheer/light, matte but would last the entire day – I did not want to look cakey. I must’ve repeated this atleast 4 times. I also told them I didn’t want my skin colour to change – I didn’t want to look super white or orange. Since I told her I wanted matte but sheer coverage, she paired a matte primer with a foundation that had a “glow.”
  • Eye Makeup: I told her I wanted something bold and dark – I love dramatic eyes and I’m definitely not scared of colour. After the MAC artist showed me what she did, I didn’t like it – the eye makeup was too light for my liking. Soooo I made her change it into a more dramatic/bolder look
  • Lips: I wanted to do fuchsia but we ended up doing a paler pink – it was still bright… but for the first 2 hours, it made me look nassstyy

Tip: Get your makeup done a few hours before the start-time of your party. It took around 2 hours for everything to settle in – she had told me that my foundation would better match my skin tone in 2ish hours and it did.




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