Monday’s Munchies: Slice of New York – Review

A few years ago, the sisters and I were routinely checking when we came across Slice of New York. A Halal joint, with good reviews, that sells stromboli’s and hoagies – we knew we had to go! I’ve been to Slice of NY around 4 times and here are my thoughts:

Authorized Halal by an Islamic organization. Even their cheese is Halal 🙂

In the downtown core – right after Yonge & Dundas. It’s proximity to Ryerson University means that you’ll find lots of students around lunch time.

Customer Service
Amazing – the brothers working behind the counters are super friendly and nice.

It’s a small, fast-food joint so please don’t go in expecting fine dining experience. It can seat about 20-25 people at the most and it’s all self-serve (duh).

Slightly pricey for fast food ~ $10ish per person if you include a side and drink.

This place is more suited for meat-lovers than vegetarians. There is a large variety of food options – Shawarma, Stromboli, Pizza, Burger, Hoagies, Fries, etc

  • Fries: I love their fries – they have just the right amount of crunch and softness. Yum, yum, yum!
  • Pizza: Pizza is definitely good although I do prefer more sauce (I’m more of a Mamma’s Pizza kinda girl rather than Pizzaiolo). They always have around 6-7 different types of pizza’s ready so I do like that they have variety.
  • Hoagies:
    – My veggie hoagie was alright – nothing great. It had tomato sauce, green peppers, onion, mushrooms (I think) and cheese. You have the option of choosing a tomato or cream based sauce. While the hoagie was good, I felt like it lacked something – roasted red peppers or something would’ve added a yummy kick to the flavour.
    – Nouman’s Philly Cheese Steak was great according to him.
  • Stromboli: The sisters love it – they’ve had the Manhattan and Italian. The older one especially likes the Manhattan – it has the perfect combination of meat and cheese; she really likes the sausage in it.

Veggie Hoagie + Philly Cheese Steak

Veggie Hoagie

Veggie - it was good but I prefer a little more sauce

Italian Stromboli

If you’re in the area and craving Halal fast food, I’d definitely give this a try.


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