Islamic Nail Polish

You’re thinking, what the heck is Islamic nail polish, right? Before I tell you, let’s decide not get into whether you believe nail polish prevents Wudhu or not (seriously, there are ALOT of more important issues that we ALL need to address before we get to nail polish, don’t you think? :)).

Islamic Nail Polish is nail polish that peels off and is very common in the Middle East. Basically, you can put on this nail polish and if you ever need to wudhu, you can peel it right off! It’s also great for those of you who don’t wear nail polish because you don’t like the hassle of using nail polish removers.

It’s actually pretty fun to wear it and then pull it off!

Starting to peel

Looks nasty.

You can find Islamic/peel off nail polish at many places. Some places you can check out: Yahala Fashion and Sula Beauty. I have not tried either brand.

Paint and peel nail polish is not recommended for prolonged wear – the nail polish chips easily. For best use, I’d suggest wearing a  clear/protective coat on top of the peel off nail polish 🙂


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2 responses to “Islamic Nail Polish

  • SippingChai

    Hmm…I’ve seen peel off nail polish in the US before. Never tried it. I’m so lazy that I would still find it annoying to put it on and have to peel it off soon after. There’s a new nail polish that now allows water to absorb through it. I’m wondering what Shuyukh have to say about that!

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