Friday’s Feature: Ali K Photography

I’ve been wanting to feature Ali K Photography for a while now but absolutely haven’t had the chance to.

Nouman and I first met Ali when we were looking for a photographer for our own wedding. Since then, Ali has become more than just a photographer-I-once-talked-to; we’ve become friends.

I became a fan of Ali’s work after seeing pictures of this wedding – how gorgeous does the bride look in her portraits?! I’ll be honest, prior to having seen him cover an event, I was slightly skeptical on how he would cover all the special moments. As a guest, I have a hard time making sure my eyes capture every small detail… how can I trust that he (or any other photographer) will capture everything? After having seen Ali in action, I now know that no bride needs to worry about that. Ali is always ready and everywhere at events. He captures each hug, the smallest gestures and every drop of tear. By far, his candid shots are his strongest asset – I love, love, love his style of capturing the entire event.

The icing on the cake? He is super accommodating and listens to everything you want – he’s a genuinely nice person and easy to get along with. As a bride, I know that the worst feeling is when you don’t trust or have confidence in your vendor (posting about that next week). With Ali, I feel like he understands his clients vision and delivers exactly what they want. Can’t beat that, can you? 🙂

Love his candids!

Father Daughter 🙂


How cool is this effect?

Action shots - love! I LOVE her outfit too

*All images are via Ali K Photography’s Facebook Page*

Feel free to use my reference 🙂 Have a good weekend everyone!


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