A Family Is Like A Circle

With just a few months to go InshAllah, shaadi preps are in full swing at both my house and the Mister’s. Every weekend is now fully allocated to shaadi stuff.

As I get closer to our wedding, I’m starting to reflect on my experiences with my family, my sisters and my parents. I know I’m not moving a million miles away from my family nor am I leaving my family but I can’t deny that things are about to change. This realization is making me more emotional than I think I have ever been in my life. I’m turning into a sap according to the little one.

Growing up, I have always looked to my parents as the ideal married couple Alhamdulilah. They are the foundation of our family; together, they have given us girls a lifetime of happiness and memories. Often, it is the low-key moments that I remember the most vividly about my family – all of us lying down, talking and laughing, together. Being happily married (MashAllah) for over 25 years, they are our role models for a shaadi-shoda (heh) life.

It hit all of us that the older sister and I are both getting married and moving out of the house after her Nikkah last month. Pappa could not stop thinking about our wedding and how much he’ll miss us. Same with mumma – she’s constantly saying, “tum jarahi ho… (you’re leaving?)” For a few days after the Nikkah, mumma and pappa would sandwich us between them and endlessly hug and kiss us.

Yup, we’re that kind of a family 🙂 Alhamdulilah

How cute are the matching rings? 🙂 Photography by Ali K

I can’t wait until a few weeks before the wedding – I am SO looking forward to spending time with my parents and sisters. InshAllah.


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