The Modern Bride: Brooch Bouquets

Although I love flowers, I’m not a fan of bridal bouquets with desi wedding wear. Our dresses are so intricate that bouquets just become a big distraction – for me, anyway. I’ve only seen a few desi brides pull off a bouquet and that was because they were wearing simpler outfits.

I can’t help but love the new trend of Brooch Bouquets. Again, this would be too much with most desi wedding wear but if you can somehow pull this off, I’d love to see this!!

Retro Brooch Bouquet via

All white bouquet via

Black, white and silver bouquet with champagne coloured accents. Also features pearls and lace. via

Glittery Pearl Brooch Bouquet via

Vintage Pin Wedding Bouquet - via New England Fine Living

What do you think? 🙂

p.s. It’s Macaron Day!! Buy some bite-sized treats because proceeds will be going to charity. Guilt-free dessert, I am SO in 🙂


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