Shopping For My Bridal Shower Dress

Surprisingly (okay, maybe not so surprisingly), this week has turned into a Bridal Shower Inspiration week on my blog! YEAY.

I started searching for my bridal shower dress around 2 weeks before the event. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to wear – I wanted a ball gown (so masquerade!) but I also wanted to show off my legs. Not to sound like a complete conceited narcissist but out of all my body parts, I like my legs the most. My arms are flabby and my gut needs to get flatter (I do know how to dress my body so I can camouflage my lower belly roll pretty well)… but my legs, I like. Before you start picturing celebrity legs on my body, let me assure you – they are not. Maybe with a tonne of oil and highlighting products…

Armed with absolutely no clear vision of my dress, I decided to be very open minded while shopping. I was going to try different styles – this isn’t my wedding dress, so I could afford to have fun with a variety of looks! By the way, a bunch of my family friends and I have always wanted to go white-dress shopping – I was SO tempted to try some on.

As I shopped, I started getting a clearer vision of my outfit: I wanted a corset top and full skirt. Yeah, goodluck finding that. After not finding a single dress to fit my vision, I decided I would buy a corset and pair it with a skirt. I found around 10-15 styles of corsets at Ya Ya & Co – perfect. I decided not to buy the corset – instead, I would search for a skirt first and then match a corset to it. After 5 days, I found 2 bright skirts that I liked – one at Bedo and the other at H&M. Before making the skirt purchase, I went back to Ya Ya to make sure that I would look good in a corset (I’ve never tried one!) and a bright skirt.

Obviously, my luck sucks. The sales girl told me that they had shipped back all the corsets. 5 days before my shower and I had nothing to wear, can you imagine how panicked I felt? In a panick frenzy, I started explaining my theme and vision to the sales girl. She started pulling out dresses but nothing looked great – I was comparing real dresses to my vision. Go figure.

I ended up buying a dress that I wasn’t super comfortable in (Dress #4). Even after starving and stressing out the entire day, the dress made every imperfection on my body visible. Even my belly button showed through my dress. What the heck?! Yes, the dress was fitted… but it was the material that was the real problem. I decided to buy a body shaper – it bunched up under my dress and made me look worse. I even tried duct taping my belly button (as per the advice of the lady at The Bay!!) – nope, I was as helpless as a pregnant lady.

Needless to say, I was completely freaked out by Thursday – I had 2 days remaining until the bridal shower. Even though the dress size of the Belly Button Dress was good, I decided to go back to Ya Ya and try a larger size. Who cares if the chest area would be so big that I’d need to pin it? As long as my belly button doesn’t make an appearance, I’d be happy.

At this point, you already know that my luck would not allow me to just exchange sizes. The large did nothing for my belly button. Yup, I was in absolute panic mode.

The sales girl and I pulled a few dresses – 2 of them I really liked. One was a fitted, floor length gown with a big bow/flower at the front (Dress #5). It looked good on me and the sales girl really tried to convince me to buy it. But, I knew the dress I’d be most comfortable in was the one I ended up buying. It was a flowy black dress with 2 beaded belts around the waist and a high-low hemline. I LOVE the dress I bought (Dress #6) – it was figure flattering, short from the front but long at the back (showed off my legs), and super comfortable! YEAY!

I went to 4 different malls and below are my finalists – all the dresses were sleevless/backless so I had to do alot of cropping and editing (I added sleeves!!) to put them on here. The things I do for you guys! 🙂

Dress #1: Fair Weather – under $100

This dress seemed to fit my theme pretty well - it was dark, it had a ball gown-ish feel and it wasn't crazy expensive. Once I put it on my body, I knew this wasn't the right dress even before I saw myself in the mirror. The bunching at the waist made me look wider than I am - I looked like a frump. I'm sure those boots didn't help

This was the second colour in that dress

Dress #2: Laura – $275

I absolutely fell in love with this dress. The Little One didn’t like it on the rack but I knew I had to try it on. I put in on and could not help but be wowed. It had a full skirt and I loved the little flowers on the lower half. I wish I could post a picture of the back – it was criscrossed and had 2 silver brooches. However, at $275 plus tax, I had to let it go. I did go back to Laura three times to try on this dress.

Isn't it purty?

Dress # 3: Fair Weather – $300

Without a doubt, this was my favourite dress. It fit the theme so perfectly and complimented my body really well. I love the ruffles and the rouching. Check out the gorgeous back below

It's a corset!!

Dress # 4: Ya Ya & Co – $65

The Belly Button Dress

Dress # 5: Ya Ya & Co – $168

This was dress 1 of 2 that I tried on Thursday. The dress that the sales girl loved

Dress #5: Ya Ya & Co – $148

This is the dress I wore - check back on Friday for the full picture!

I’ll be featuring the decor tomorrow – so be sure to check back.

Have a great long weekend!


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