Friday’s Feature: My Masquerade Bridal Shower

I know you guys have been waiting for these pictures/post – so here are details of the day! While I’d love to share pictures of me on that day, I can’t – I was wearing a revealing dress and I do Hijab… so figure it out 🙂

Prior To The Day
As you know, I’ve been planning my bridal shower for a long, long, long time – I came up with the theme almost 1 year ago. Since I knew my theme, I was able to buy everything on sale and at really a really good price. Most of the decor is from the dollar store (with the exception of the paper plates and napkins) and was bought around Halloween.

Yes, I did help with almost every piece of decor you see. I know some girls go as far as helping with their shower and then pretending to be surprised – there’s no shame in being involved with your event! 🙂 While I helped with the decor (check out the Feather Wall I created!), I did not help with the actual event – the games, the food, the sequence of events, etc. My sisters took care of everything in those departments – yeay!

Bridal Shower Day
The morning of the shower was really chaotic and stressful. I had people calling/texting me for directions, telling me they might be late, asking for my opinion on little details, and my hair appointment almost got cancelled. I’m not going to lie, I had a total bridezilla moment when the hair salon tried to cancel on me. I pulled the “bride card” on them. Apparently they had double booked the hair dresser and wanted me to move my appointment – not happening. Amidst all the craziness, I also cracked one of my nails straight down the middle. Ouch.

All of this was happening between 9am and 11am.  After my meltdown around 11am, I started doing my makeup and finally calmed down. I did my makeup in around 15 minutes and then headed out the door to get my hair done. I have naturally curly hair (we’re talking curly, curly – not wavy) but wanted to get something slightly different. Once I got to Jason Michales – they have a secluded section in the back for those of you who wear a Hijab – I asked for loose curls. Overall, I was happy with what the girl did – but she rushed off to her other appointment before fixing me up completely. Annoying.

At some point, Nouman whatsapped me and wished me a Happy Bridal Shower Day – how cute is that? 🙂

Once I was home, I scrambled to fix up my makeup and look for accessories for my dress. Yeah, I didn’t pick out anything beforehand. I hadn’t planned on making an entrance so I slipped into the living room as soon as I was done accessorizing.

The actual event was super fun – it didn’t really hit me that it was my bridal shower. I’ve been to around a gazillion bridal showers… it seemed surreal that it was my time! Thank you to all the lovely ladies who came/helped – my shower couldn’t have been as much fun without you.

Hot pink nails to add a pop of colour

My Ensemble: Black and gold mask, Silver earrings, Black dress with 2 silver beaded belts, Pink Chooriyan, Black and Gold Fan and Black Lacey Shoes. I forgot to take pictures of my makeup - I did black and turquoise smokey eyes and hot pink lips. Yup, I love colour.

I carried a black and gold fan along with my black and gold mask. Hot pink nails, lips and chooriyan to add colour to my look

My dress avec sash

From the bottom left: Black square plates from Party Packagers ($7/pack for the big ones and $4/pack for the smaller ones); Napkins from Michaels (On sale - $1.25/pack of 15); Graffiti Cake Pop Favours; Food Table; Graffiti Cake Pop in a vase stuffed with purple tissue paper; The Show Stopper Cake thanks to Coco Love ~ Creative Cakes by Ghazal

From the bottom left: Follow the Feathers - this was the first thing guests saw as they entered the house; Prizes in matching gift bags; Masks; Balloons; Paper Lanterns at night; Advice t-shirt for yours truly

Blue goblets with tealights - standing on a table draped with a black Hijab and beaded blue "runner" (aka Hijab)

Gold, Silver, Black and Purple Necklaces stuffed inside a tall vase; Jewellery Holder Girl in a Pink and Black outfit - both standing atop a plain black Hijab

Black and purple roses in a vase full of purple water - on a turquoise and black Hijab surrounded by gems

Navy Blue, Turquoise, Clear and Pink gems inside a vase full of purple water - standing between two blue goblets with tealights. Everything is sitting on top of a lace Hijab - my mom was happy that I finally put this Hijab to some use

From the bottom left: Vase with purple water on my Hijab and surrounded by gems; Candle; Necklaces in a vase full of dark purple water; Mask; Flower made by my mom and the Little One - we had pink, purple and black; Tealight in a blue goblet; Feathers and Masks on a wall

Black and purple flowers in a tall vase with purple water... standing next to 2 mini vases stuffed with a blue necklace and topped with colourful feathers

Don't you love the creepy mask? Please also notice the feather sticking out of our lamp!

Feather Wall - I stuck every single feather on the wall!

Feathers, Fans, Flowers and Masks

One of our walls: Draped with dark dupatta's in a curtain style. We threw black, sequenced fabric over the beige sofa and topped it with purple and orange cushions (from my room!)

My sister made the "Favours" sign!

Glittery Masks

Besides the Graffiti Cake Pops, we also had masks on the favour table. There were 10 different kinds to choose from

Masks for us sisters

Yup, everything except the napkins/paper plates are either from the dollar store or things we utilized from home. Hope you liked the pictures!

Late today, I’ll be posting random pictures of my makeup on my Facebook page – so check those out if you’re interested to see how the black, turquoise and pink worked together.

Have a great weekend 🙂

*All the above pictures are owned by Shaza’s Scrapbook*


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6 responses to “Friday’s Feature: My Masquerade Bridal Shower

  • Yusra

    I truly like the decoration ! the necklaces stuffed inside the vase is a great idea , I mean nobody would think these are necklaces ! I love the feather wall ! it’s soo creative and beautiful , and I deeply admire how you girls managed to use dupattas and hijabs for the decoration ! that was a great job !!

  • pennywisedulhan

    So beautiful! I can tell a lot of thought went into it – but it paid off! Doesn’t it feel awesome to use stuff from home? It makes things extra special!

  • d

    looks awesome! were you able to find the masks you used as favours from the dollar store as well? i don’t think i’ve seen them!

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