Friday’s Feature: The Grand Couturiers at Bridal Couture Week 2012

Bridal Couture Week’s finale ended with a big bang: 14 of the most renowned designers came together to put on a show-stopping performance.

Amir Adnan - I love this silhouette... on a girl!

Bunto Kazmi. My favourite designer... and this is one of my all time favourite outfits/combinations by her. I've seen it on many brides but I always love it

Deepak Perwani


Maheen Khan - My least favourite piece of the bunch


Neelo Allawala

Nilofer Shahid - I like velvet but I'm not sure if any bride would want it around her chest. Can't imagine how much sweating would go on under that heavy fabric!

Nomi Ansari

Rizwan Beyg - I heart this!

Sana Safinaz - gawjus. I really like the pretty pink

Shamaeel Ansari

Kamiar Rokni

Umar Sayeed

Considering the number of high-end designers that teamed up for this finale, I expected more. I do love some of the pieces that I saw at BCW though – YEAY to fashion!

Hope you have a great weekend!


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