Monday’s Munchies: My Fat Pants

I hope you all had a fantabulous weekend!

Unfortunately, I didn’t. Last week was a pretty stressful which led me to be super snarky and rude. The weekend was really hectic – I went to a rockstar inspired baby shower (put together by Sara Baig Designs) and helped organize a Moroccan themed bridal shower. I also got sick again – 4th time in 2 months… so I’m feeling really rundown and exhausted.

Last week
, I had hoped to get started on eating healthy before the wedding. But (you knew that was coming), I have no will power and I indulged like a mad woman this entire weekend. I was good most of the week (with the exception of a tart) but once the showers started, I went down hill.

At the baby shower, besides my ginormous helping of biryani and channa, I had TWO cupcakes and a cake pop. The bridal shower was no different – not only did I eat alot of food, I also had 4 cookies, 4 chocolate dipped strawberries, a slice of cake and 1 baklava. Atleast I washed it down with some pomegranate tea. Yeah, right. I then came home and had Aloo Paratha (Paratha – aka bread that’s similar to roti – stuffed with mashed potatoes).


You’d think I’d be embarrassed when I realize I’m eating more than pregnant ladies and new moms… but no. Apparently my overeating does not embarrass me.

Thanks to my overeating, I’ll be heavily (ha-ha… get it? Yeah, I’m lame) relying on my fat pants this weekend – sweats and tights.

My fat pants... I know I have a problem when these start feeling snug

Why do I love food so much?!


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2 responses to “Monday’s Munchies: My Fat Pants

  • SippingChai

    I was doing so well on this new balanced nutritional diet I created for myself. And then I go to visit my family in the states and completely let go! I am afraid to look at my weight. I totally understand how you feel.

  • rukhsana

    ello ive got a few songs dat u have on the mehndi:
    tere liye banno tere liye
    ek kuwara= masti

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