My Bridezilla Moments

My pre-wedding posts will seem incomplete and insincere (to myself more than others)  if I didn’t write about my bridezilla moments. Last week was particularly bad – it started off with one vendor driving me insane and it resulted in an entire week of crazy on my part (with my family taking on most of the hit).

Why Do Brides Go Crazy?
I can’t answer for other brides, but I know that I have my crazy moments because:

  • Lack of Sleep: When I don’t get enough sleep (i.e. the past few weeks), I get super cranky. I take it out on everyone.
  • Stress
  • Tiredness
  • A Never Ending To-Do List
  • No “ME” Time: I’m not one of those girls who requires hours of pampering for some “ME” time – heck, I’ve only gotten a manicure twice and pedicure once in my life. The perfect ME time is when I’m sitting at home with some green tea and either reading, writing or just watching TV. I can’t remember the last time I was able to do that. These days, even when I’m blogging, I’m distracted by something I’m doing on the side simultaneously.

I’m assuming that other brides have bridezilla moments for similar reasons. The above reasons make me an annoying person all year round, so can you imagine how much more my emotions are heightened when it comes to wedding stuff?

In honour of my crazy, here are my top bridezilla moments so far…

  • My Our Dream Venue: This was one of the most stressful phases of our planning. Finding venues that both Nouman and I liked was next to impossible – do you know how picky we are?! We managed to find my dream venue for the wedding but it was so out of budget. Nouman took on the task of negotiating with the venue and like a broken record, I annoyed him daily for updates. The back and forth drove me insane and I had several meltdowns (Nouman getting most of the hit) in the process. When we booked our venue, it was still being built so we blindly trusted the owners – I am so glad we did. The venue looks amazing Alhamdulilah and we’re hoping that all the last-minute details will be completed by June InshAllah.
  • Outfits: I know most people think I’m crazy, but I really don’t want our close people to be either wearing their wedding dress or the same colors as me on any of the days. I don’t want all of us to look the same nor do I want people to look like a bride (regardless of what you say, anyone wearing their red wedding dress to my wedding is asking for attention). Hence, I have clearly told both Nouman and my own family what colours I am wearing on each day so that they do not wear the same ones. I will be extremely hurt and upset if anyone shows up in my colour or their wedding dress. I do, however, get super excited when people tell me they’ve saved/bought new outfits for our wedding – that is SO sweet!
  • Decor: I have been second guessing my choice – from the vendor down to the type of chair we’ll be sitting on – recently. The closer we get to the day, the more I doubt my choices/taste in decor. I have also recently started freaking out about not liking the decor/not being satisfied once I see everything set up on the actual days.
  • Guestlist: Overall, Nouman and I have let our parents take control over the guestlist. Although I would ideally have liked a small wedding, I know that that’s not what any of the parents or Nouman want. Since this day isn’t just about me, this is one area I was willing to be flexible. However, I would like to keep our Mehendi guestlist limited – this is a struggle.
  • Randoms: I’ve had 2 incidents where I have completely broken down and cried/laughed… and made a fool of myself. I’m still not sure what happened those 2 times – I think I was just overwhelmed.

I have moments of crazy followed by moments of clarity

If you are one of the rare brides who did not have a single bridezilla moment, I’d love to hear from you!


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4 responses to “My Bridezilla Moments

  • nazma (@nazma_afb)

    I’ll be watching the comments to see if there are any comments from non-bridezillas. I think I was quite calm about my big day as I had my sister as wedding planner to shoulder most of the dramas. However there’s always something, in my case it was meddling relatives causing friction at home!

  • jowayria

    reading your blog (as a fellow bride-to-be) i understand and somewhat relate to alot of the stresses you seem to be going through and hope you come out at the end thinking its worth it all (im sure you will), in my case everyone has been telling me i’ve been so laid back and calm about my upcoming wedding? i always imagined myself to be a major bridezilla because i love my things to be organised and my way and in an orderly fahion. so far alhamdulillah i’ve just let thing happen and i’ve been quite lucky in alot of my prep. aside from wedding outfits, which i get bored of trying on and feeling silly in (as i’m not one for being centre of attention too long), i even found way in advance. the walima outfit i loved was £3000 which was way out of budget but through some contacts managed to find a designer to replicate it for a fraction of the price so my ‘big’ things were sorted fairly quickly. as for my mendhi outfit, my mum is still in pakistan and i have no idea how it looks but i shall be wearing it either way because i want to enjoy it for the day not for what i wear 🙂 Alhamdulillah my inlaws are amazing and are so excited for me to become a part of their family and thats what makes me excited and what i really look forward to.

    So far venues, decor, outfits, accesories, favourboxes, invites, cake, makeup lady have all been ticked off but the way i see it is that its not just about those one days, its about where you are headed after that and that seems to keep me calm. I understand some things should be picture perfect for the day (makeup!!) but so what if the decor isn’t EXACTLY how you wanted it? or the cake design is a little off from how you expected? in my opinion its the way you carry yourself on the day and how much people see you enjoying yourself preparing for your new life that counts. I want people to enjoy my wedding and not see me wrinkling my face up cos something isnt quite right and thinking im a right little fusspot.

    Honestly, me and my 3 sisters have had a laugh doing things and mostly when they have gone wrong (i.e. the fight we had when i left the changing rooms to look in the mirror (looking like a right grandma) and someone stole my changing room with my belongings in only to start a whole argument), and the cake toppers which are meant to replicate me and my fiancee which look not so much like us at all lol.

    my point is, enjoy the preparation and the time you have with your family while you can, your new life will bring alot of changes and you’ll miss the times you had and certainly don’t want to spend that time worrying about things that can be done/fixed with a smile. Hope the rest of your prep is made easy for you and the bridezilla moments dissapear 🙂

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Hi Jowariya,

      I am so glad that you are calm and enjoying all the planning. I totally agree, the whole point is to enjoy this time and nobody will really notice the little details that haven’t gone the way we envision. I’ve been okay for the most part, but the last 2 weeks were just really intense. I had a few issues with vendors and it totally set me off!
      Hoping that this week will keep me calm! 🙂

      Goodluck to you – and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

      ~ Shaza ~

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