Friday’s Feature: The Hulla Gulla Boys

Shifting away from my meltdowns and snarkiness, I hope today’s post brings a smile to your face.

Looking back at my childhood, I can honestly say that I was a privileged and happy child Alhamdulilah. I had health, an abundance of love and support from my family, attended a great school, and had a huge collection of all the things I wanted. Besides all those things, the one other constant in my life has been music. My dad is a passionate musician – he loves to sing, listen to music, play any instrument he can get his hands on, and also appreciate and encourage those who are starting. Ever since I can remember, my dad and his friends have had musical nights – they used to sing and sometimes make us kids display our talents (I always struggled in this department). Our family friend circle is enriched with memories of music, bingo and looong nights when us kids would beg our parents to go home.

As our generation has grown up, the guys and girls in our family friend circle have started to (willingly) display their own talents. We are surrounded by singers, dancers, and comedians. Dubbed (by ourselves) as “The Hulla Gulla Boys,” the family friend guys are the life of every party, wedding and event we go to.

This weekend, the boys and girls are starting dance practices for our upcoming wedding – YEAY! For those who don’t know, Pakistani weddings have alot of choreographed dances at Mehendi’s these days. It means so much to Nouman and I that everyone is taking the time to make our wedding that much more special by being a part of it 🙂

Without further ado, check out the Hulla Gulla Boys!

On a side note: Nouman is obviously a great dancer (he’s in the videos) and I’m not. I suck. I can’t even do the running man.

p.s. Hear all the screaming? The loudest is my younger sister. Haha

Have a great weekend!


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