Monday’s Munchies: Volcano Lava Cake

A quick update on life before I get started on Monday’s Munchies – Alhamdulilah, I am feeling much better today. I had a mini breakdown for the last 2 weeks but once I cried everything out, I felt much better. I’m still not sure why everything was getting to me so much… but yes, I feel less stressed and am hoping to stay calm!

Onto Monday’s Munchies…

I bought a yummy chocolate tea last week in the hopes that I will eat less chocolate. The good news is that my chocolate craving has decreased, but the bad news is that my face is breaking out. I’ll be blogging about the tea soon, so hang in there for the review. Anyway…

I was talking to my mom about chocolate a few days ago and had to share a picture of a chocolatey treat that my parents love.

My mom is an absolute chocolate addict. She loves chocolate in all forms and my dad always gets her chocolatey treats when they go out (I know, so cute – MashAllah!). A few years ago, during an evening stroll (my parents love taking walks), my parents discovered a place that sells a treat called the “Volcano Lava Cake.” Basically, the Volcano Lava Cake is a chocolate cake, oozing with a warm fudge ganache and topped with a handful of pecans. Ever since my parents discovered this mouth-watering dessert, they have made it their go-to place when my mom craves chocolate. My dad recently took my mom there as a lead-up to their anniversary celebrations 🙂

Unfortunately, this place isn’t in Toronto.

We added 2 scoops of icecream... because cake and icecream is so awesome together.

Anyone have suggestions on where I can find something as scrumptious in the GTA?


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