A Desi Bride’s Buy List: Part 1

I’ve received quite a few emails on what I’m buying before the wedding or what I think other brides should buy. Instead of writing alot of different emails, I decided to compile a list that will hopefully benefit many.

Obviously, what you buy is going to be different from what I or your best friend will buy – your “buy list” will depend majorly on things that you need, your lifestyle, your social life and whether or not you are staying in the same city/country.

Desi Clothes
I divided my desi clothes in 2 categories:

  • Formals: You are the bride so you’ll probably need alot of formals. The number of formals you  buy depends on how active your social life is after the wedding. Do you/your inlaws know alot of people? Will you be going to a truckload of dawats? Do your inlaws/husband want you to be dressed up?
  • Semi-Formals: Slightly lighter kaam than the formal outfits – these are useful for smaller dawats, family dawats or once the novelty of being a new bride wears off slightly.


  • Shoes: Buy staples such as gold, silver and black – you can buy these years in advance as they don’t go out of fashion
  • Purses: Again, instead of purchasing mainly trendy clutches, invest in a few staple pieces (metallics and black). Obviously, there is no harm in buying trendy purses and clutches too! It just helps distribute cost if you buy staples in advance
  • Hijabs: Same as above
  • Jewellery: Buying “real” jewellery (i.e. gold and diamonds) is a thing of the past. Instead, opt for artificial jewellery that you can match to your outfits or change as you get bored of them. Similar to before, buying a few staple pieces will be great

My handy dandy notebooks

Tip #1: For those of you who wear shalwar kameez around the house, you should probably also include a “Casuals” category. I don’t wear Shalwar Kameez at home so I only made casuals out of fabric that I got as presents.

Tip #2: Before you start purchasing your jahaiz clothes, give some thought to what your inlaws might buy. For example, Nouman and my mother-in-law really like “shoukh” (bright) colours – so for my jahaiz, I opted to get mainly neutral colours to offset the colours I’ll receive in my bari (gifts from the inlaws).

Tip #3: I say this often, make sure you buy a few trendy pieces but try to keep most of your outfits classic. Fashion trends change so don’t throw away your hard earned money on clothes that you will wear once or twice. If fashion changes right after your wedding, you might not want to wear your new clothes anymore.

Tip #4: Don’t buy clothes just because you feel like you have to. Instead, buy outfits as you need them or as you see something that catches your eye

Tip #5: To distribute cost, purchase your staple pieces well in advance. I purchased most of my go-to pieces almost 1.5 years ago – Not only did I distribute cost but I also got better deals as I bought most things on sale

Stay tuned for part 2!


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