Monday’s Munchies: Mother’s Day Treat

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. Mine was super hectic… but that’s old news now, right? On Friday, we finished making most of the Mehendi Thaals (trays) – yeay! Saturday was mostly wedding related errands – grooming (if you know what I mean), met my decorators (you’ll be getting a full review of their services after the wedding), and mumma and I took out all the pending mehendi/favour things. On Sunday, I went to a bridal shower and celebrated Mother’s Day!

In our family, it is our tradition to take our mom out for a Mother’s Day brunch and shower her with lots of flowers. My mom loves flowers, so we always surround her with lots of them (check out all the flowers she got below MashAllah).

Ever since we were kids, my dad has always encouraged us to look to our mom as a role model – she is the heart, the rock and the bond that ties this family together (he calls her the Queen of our house… cute much? 🙂 MashAllah). She is such an awesome family maker – her relationship with her own siblings is strong obviously but even more admirable is how she handles her relationship with her inlaws. Some of my cousins on my dad’s side of the family consider her their second mom and look to her for advice – as I get closer to my wedding, I can only hope that I learn to be as graceful with relationships. I love that my mom is so independent and strong – I am so thankful that our parents have brought us up to think for ourselves and be strong just like her Alhamdulilah.

Enough of the mushy stuff… onto the pictures of our brunch at Cora’s


My parents love hollandaise sauce

Flowers from us three, my dad and the 2 son-in-laws 🙂 I love velvetty flowers

From Nouman to my mom

On a side note, Cora’s is alright – an average breakfast place 🙂


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