Vendor Review: Exquisite Events

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a long time. A huge component of South Asian weddings is the elaborate decor – we like things to be bigger and more unique than anyone else. Many of you have asked me to give my true thought on decorators and I’m always hesitant; I want to guide you but unless I have worked with a vendor, I don’t think my opinion is fair. Sure, most decorators seem friendly when you first meet them – but how good is their customer service? Do they deliver what was promised? Is the quality of their products (i.e. fabric) good? When you ask me to refer a decorator, those are the things I’m thinking. Yes, I can send you a list of decorators whose work I like but I can’t give my opinion.

Anyway, before I booked my decorator (you’ll be getting a very detailed review after the wedding – customer service, delivery of product/what was promised, understanding my vision, ability to accommodate, etc), I had contacted Shaheen Iqbal of Exquisite Events. I tried contacting her over a 2 week period but was unable to get in touch with her. Annoyed and flustered, I gave up. A few days before I was leaving on my trip to Pakistan, we were finally able to connect. However, I had already met with my decorator at this point – when I came back from the trip, I let Shaheen know that I had booked someone.

So, when did I use Exquisite Events services? For my sister’s Nikkah! Exquisite Events is the in-house decorator at Candles Banquet Hall – the venue for the event.

Shaheen was a pleasure to work with – she was super accommodating and has a great eye for putting colours together. I love it when vendors go above and beyond your expectation and Shaheen did just that. She used her creative judgment and threw in things that would make the stage look even more exquisite (get it? Haha – I’m lame!). I loved the colour composition and the clean-cut look of her decor; it’s simple but so elegant!

A breakdown of our experience:

  • Customer Service: Shaheen was easy to get a hold off – I had been skeptical at first because I had a hard time getting in touch for my own events. However, she always replied to phone calls/emails promptly.
  • Understanding the Vision: My sister and I were impressed; Shaheen understood my sisters’ vision perfectly
  • Flexibility: One of the best qualities of Shaheen is that she is very accommodating. I have dealt with enough rigid vendors – Shaheen was a refreshing (and much-needed) change. I’ve been dealing with one very rigid wedding vendor for our wedding – I hope they pull through.
  • Timeliness: I’m always paranoid that vendors, especially decorators, might run late and not appreciate the importance of time. Shaheen was great – the hall was ready well in advance of our event; I went to the hall to have a look earlier in the day and it was perfect
  • End Product: Very satisfied – we got exactly what we wanted – yeay!

Based on my personal experience, I would absolutely recommend Exquisite Events – especially for events such as a Nikkah, Engagement or Mehendi.

Exquisite Events at Suhaag
Photography by Shaza’s Scrapbook

Photography by Shaza’s Scrapbook

Photography by Shaza’s Scrapbook

Such vibrant colours

Candles transformed to give a “lounge” vibe

My sisters Nikkah
Photography by Ali K

My sisters Nikkah
Photography by Ali K

*All the above images are owned by Exquisite Events unless otherwise stated*

If you’re interested to read more vendor reviews or want to share your experience with future brides/grooms, check out our friends at YourWeddingFolder.Com


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