Monday’s Munchies: Breakfast for a Bride

I had an exhausting and fun weekend. Noumans family held a dholki last night; the first event for our wedding – the festivities have begun! YEAY! Alhamdulilah


As you know from my Facebook updates, I’ve been trying to eat healthy before the wedding. It hasn’t been working out to great for me because I give in to temptation way too easily. However, the one change I’ve made to my routine is my breakfast. Every morning, the first thing I eat is a plate of pomegranate and berries. My mom gives me 1 whole pomegranate and a handful of blueberries and strawberries every day. Without fail. She tells me to eat the pomegranate “nihaar mooo” – before eating anything else.

The first time I was fed pomegranates as vigorously as now was during my visit to Pakistan. Every morning, my grandmother would hand me a plate of pomegranates and would make me eat it. She always had it ready for me even if she wasn’t home when I woke up – how sweet is that? 🙂

According to my family, pomegranates are great to clear the skin aswell as to get a glow. My mom/grandmother say that it gives rosy cheeks.


Pomegranates are pretty pricey so eating them a few times a week should also be good enough 🙂 Another alternative is to buy pure pomegranate juice (no sugar added) – be careful not to drink too much though; 1/4 cup of juice should be equivalent to 1 pomegranate.

Are you eating anything special before your wedding?


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