Monday’s Munchies: Food Log # 3

Since there are just a few weeks left until the wedding (InshAllah), I thought I’d update you guys on my eating patterns.

You’d think that I’d be super motivated to eat healthy so close to the wedding, but nope. I’ve been doing alright; I’ve been eating balanced meals throughout the week.

My weakness? Weekends.

I’m not sure why this happens, but every weekend (and I mean EVERY), it seems as if a prisoner has been let loose. I overeat and I overeat badly. This weekend, I had a truckload of junk: biryani (ALOT of it), chips, cake (two types!), icecream, and way too many carbs (I love bread).

My goal was never to eliminate junk food from my diet (I’m definitely not one of those girls that can stay away from sugar) – I just wanted to decrease the quantity I consume. However, with dholki’s and guests coming to our house all the time, it has been impossible to do so.

Oh well.

Nouman will just have to accept my rolls.


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