Our Wedding Venues

A handful of you have asked me about my wedding venues, so I thought I would write a post instead of responding individually.

As you might recall, our venue search was extremely thorough – Nouman and I must have visited atleast 15 places together (I probably went to 5 additional ones). We’re both detail-opriented and had a specific look in mind (thankfully, the same look); satisfying both of us was harder than I thought.

From the get-go, we knew we wanted Chandni for the mehendi. It’s a good venue with decent food, good pricing and a few extras – they have colourful overlays and centerpieces are included.

So far, our dealings with Chandni has been great Alhamdulilah. They always get back to us (WHY is it so hard for people in this industry to get back to clients in a timely fashion?) and are accommodating.

Image via Chandni Banquet Hall’s Facebook Page

This was probably the hardest venue for us. Nouman wanted a place that wasn’t in an industrial area and had a grand entrance. I wanted something traditional with high ceilings and an “open” feel. We searched far and wide. If there was a venue that I liked, Nouman would shoot it down. If he actually liked a place, I would not approve of something. We went back and forth. We both really liked West River – the only part we could not get over was their entrance. To get to the hall/lobby, you have to either take stairs or use an elevator; this would be fine except that his baraat entrance and our rukhsati would be squished and cramped.

At one of the South Asian wedding shows (I don’t remember which one), I had seen a booth for an amazing venue. I had initially thought of this venue during our initial researching but then put it out of my mind – there was noway I could get that venue. At the end of one of our frustrating venue hunting days, I casually mentioned (Me and casual? Yeah, right. I’m pretty sure I told him how much I loved, loved, loved this place and it was my dream location) the venue to Nouman. He saw pictures of the venue, Grand Empire, and fell in love. Score!

Two issues came to mind straight away: budget and construction. Obviously, this GRAND venue seemed like it was way out of my budget. Secondly, the venue was under construction and expected to open late summer 2011 – there was a slight chance it might not be ready in time (construction delays happen all the time).

Long story short, Nouman spoke to the owner and we finally signed the contract! The owner, Gurjit, has been amazing to work with. Nouman and I have been so extremely happy because he has personally taken care of everything for us from day 1. Their service, so far, has extended to beyond just their own venue – they are always around to give advice or help out when there is an issue with other vendors. Nouman and Gurjit talk so frequently that I’m pretty sure they have each other on speed dial.

Image via Grand Empire’s Facebook Page. I love their lights.

I have to give credit to my older sister – she was the one who referred us to our Valima venue, Apollo Convention Centre. Similar to Grand Empire, Apollo was under construction when we first booked it. From their picture projections, it was everything we wanted – modern and oh-so-chic. We have been dealing with Uncle Bassi and he has been great – extremely accommodating and reliable; he has given us everything he had promised… and then some 🙂

Image via Apollo’s Facebook page. This is the girls washroom!

I can’t wait to see how these look with our decor on the 3 days!

p.s. if you’re looking for venues, I would absolutely recommend going to these places. Feel free to use Nouman/my referral – especially at Grand Empire 🙂 I’ll be posting a full review of each venue after the wedding.


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