Friday’s Feature: Talha Siddiqi Photo & Design

I am so glad it’s Friday!!! Today is my last day at work before the wedding – no, I’m not quitting work. I’m going to be away for almost 4 weeks due to the wedding. YEAY! It feels surreal that when I come back to work, I’ll be a MRS. That sounds weird.

Today’s feature is Talha Siddiqi Photo & Design. I have silently been stalking Talha Siddiqi’s work for a looong time (I seem to say that alot – don’t judge me!) because he is SO good! I met with Talha late last year and I have to say that he is one of the most professional photographers I have met. He values customer satisfaction and does not compromise his clients privacy – a quality I love (trust me, I’ve seen many vendors in the wedding industry sharing stories/pictures of their client without their consent)! He is very clear and upfront about everything – no hidden surprises. Talha is also very easy to talk to; he listens to what you want but also expresses his professional opinion.

I haven’t viewed an entire album of his (i.e. pictures from start to finish of an event) but I love his couples shoots. They’re always ahmazing and his brides always have the most stunning clothes (seriously!).

Out of all the vendors I met, Talha was the most professional and knowledgeable. He knows what he’s doing and his confidence (not cockiness) made me feel confident in him. I love that feeling.

You might remember this bride from my tumblr account

By far, this is my absolute favourite shot

*All the above images are from the Facebook page of Talha Siddiqi Photo & Design*

p.s. This might be my last Friday’s Feature before the wedding! I’m going to try and feature some pictures from my mayoun next Friday, but no promises πŸ™‚ If I don’t get time, be sure to check my Facebook and Twitter pages for updates!



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