Clutch Instincts

A few weeks before our wedding, I started thinking about things I should keep in my clutch – do you know how small clutches are?! I know, I think wayyyy in advance… that’s just who I am. Each day, I kept almost exactly the same thing in my clutch – I just changed the makeup colours to match what I was wearing.

A couple of you have asked me to give you a peek inside my wedding clutches, so below is a list of my essentials:

  • Lipstick
    – Mehendi: Pink (fuchsia)
    – Shaadi: I kept the lipstick Shirley Wu gave me but I also kept my own red lipstick, just in case.
    – Valima: I forgot to ask Shirley for the lipstick I was wearing, but I did keep a nude/pink colour and a bright pink
  • Eyeliner
    Mehendi: Green and Black
    Shaadi/Valima: Black
  • Tissue
  • Chewing Gum
  • Travel size perfume bottle
  • Matte Blotting Paper (Sephora)
  • Handful of safety and bobby pins
  • Cash: On the day of the wedding, I kept $300 on me… you never know when a rasm might pop up 🙂

Besides my clutch, on the Mehendi and Shaadi I also had my large makeup bag. This is where I had a variety of lipsticks, blush, multiple eyeliners, mascara’s, makeup remover, cotton pads, tylenol/advil/other medication… you name it.

Thankfully, I didn’t need anything in my clutch on any of the days. Scratch that, I did need tissues at my wedding – I cried ALOT. From my entrance to my nikkah to the slideshow/speeches and ofcourse, during rukhsati.


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