Friday’s Feature: My Mayoun

I was supposed to post more pictures of our honeymoon this week, but I’ve been so busy! For the first time after being married, I went back home for a sleepover (YEAY!). We went for AYCE sushi, caught up on gossip (even though I talk to everyone daily, somehow stories still build up), and binged on junk food (I know, you’re wondering how we managed to eat junk after a buffet). It was great 🙂

I got my mayoun pictures this week, so instead of sharing more honeymoon pictures, I want to share these!

Here goes…

Colour Theme: Yellow, Pink and Green
Decor: I didn’t want the yellow to be too overwhelming since the 4 of us were already wearing yellow. To create the backdrop, we used sheer pink and green panels accented with green and yellow dangling flowers. We also used yellow table-cloth, green and yellow candles, lime and lemon, and pink and green cushions for the dholki area.

Left to Right: Pink dupatta draped over my chair, candles, my mom lighting the candles, more candles and our dhol

Limes and lemon

Most of the decor was thanks to my mom – everytime she went out, she would find something ahmazing and bring it home. She’s awesome.

My mom lighting the candles

My friend helping my mom… and my dad making lists!

The mayoun day was pretty eventful. We started decorating our party room at around 12pm and by the time we were done, I had a cramp in my neck. Okay, I’m exaggerating – I was just a little stiff. Before jetting off to my hair appointment, I helped set up the tables & chairs, backdrop, and candles.

The little one setting up the music. She’s our DJ

My hair appointment was a disaster. You  might recall my hair appointment disaster at my bridal shower – what can I say, just my luck! I arrived at my appointment around 10 minutes early and noticed that my hairdressers car wasn’t in her driveway. Her garage door was also closed – she usually leaves the garage door open when she has an appointment. Straight away, my red flags went up but I tried to push aside all thoughts. I rang the doorbell and waited. I think you might see where this is going. I rang the doorbell again and waited. I was totally trying to ignore how dark and empty the house looked. Finally, her son answered the door.

Me: Hi! I’m here to see Tehseen. Should I just go to the garage?
Son: Um… mom’s not here
Me: Umm… I have an appointment with her at 4pm
Son: 4pm? Are you sure? She doesn’t get home until 7 or 8pm
Me [panicking slightly]: Uhh… yes, my mayoun is today. I have my appointment at 4pm
Son: Okay, let me call her.
*I waited, in shock, outside while he called her*
Son: She’s not picking up
Me: But it’s my mayoun today… I have my appointment at 4pm
(Yes, I realized afterwards that I had probably repeated myself 400 times)
Me: Can you call her salon? (She just opened up a salon in a town further away from her home)
Son: Sure. You can wait in the salon while I call her.
As we entered the salon, it was obvious that she had completely forgotten our appointment. Her normally spotless space was scattered with hair on the floor. Once the son managed to get in touch with her, I learned that it would take her around 40 minutes to come home.While I waited, I had 2 options: either I could chill at the mall or I could go home and do my makeup. Thankfully, my sister told me to get my bum back and do my makeup so I save time. Alhamdulilah, everything worked out and I was really happy with my hair!

Hair, Makeup and Jewellery: I kept everything pretty simple. I had loose curls in my hair accompanied by a flower teeka (yellow flower with a pearl sahara), earrings (white with accents of yellow and pink), a ring (yellow) and yellow and silver chooriyan. My makeup was at a bare minimum: foundation, black eyeliner, blush, and clear lipgloss.
Shoes: Silver kula puri’s

Shoes and jewellery

Outfits:I wanted my mom, sisters and I to have the same overall look – yellow and gota. Hence, I bought the same fabric from 2 different stores with slightly different accent colours for each girl.

  • Moms Outfit: Yellow and green pant kameez
  • Sisters: Both wore chooridars; one had a gold accent and the other had “multi colour”
  • Me: Ever since I watched this song from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum, I have wanted to wear yellow and silver on my mayoun. So when the time came for me to search for my mayoun outfit, I already knew what I wanted. I wore a yellow gharara with silver gota work.

Yup, I put on nail polish VERY last minute.

My mayoun was perfect, Alhamdulilah. I had wanted it to be a fun girls party and that’s exactly what it was.

I made my entrance (don’t worry, I will be writing about all my entrance songs) after dinner was served. Once everyone had prayed namaaz, alot of fruit feeding (I didn’t keep any mithai), uptanifying and sadkaying ensued. This was followed by dholki and then dessert. Once the dessert was over, my sisters and I did a surprise dance for everyone! YEAY.

Our dance led the way for some belly dancing (by aunties!) and an open dance floor. Pretty sure I danced until almost 1am.

Fun, fun, fun!

My sister pinning my dupatta

Nail polish mess up

Getting ready

Since I said salam to the uncles first, I put a pink dupatta over my head to cover my hair

Walking to the party room to make my entrance

Fruits for feeding me. Notice the colours? Yup, even the fruits go with the colour theme

Sadqa – Money to donate those in need

The table. Notice the “paan” (leaf) in the right corner? My mom sewed the gold border on there

Uptan! Lookie – even the napkin goes!

Soul sisters!

Parents! p.s. I cropped this picture

I put the pink dupatta back on when our dads came for dessert

And so begins the dancing…

Me thumkaying

My sisters and I. Yes, I blurred out faces in the background

I cropped this one too

Cropped this one too

*All images are courtesy of Qurrat Ansari Photography*

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my mayoun. Along with a review of Qurrat Ansari, I’ll be posting more about Barbados next week!

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone – have a good first weekend of fasting!


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