Activities in Barbados

Some of you have asked me to give you details on the activities we did, so here is a detailed list!

As you know, our main aim of this trip was to sit back and relax. We really just wanted to unwind from the wedding mayhem. However, it’s safe to say that Nouman and I like to have fun and definitely planned on doing some fun activities. Instead of pre-purchasing some sort of package, we opted to “go with the flow” and decide our activities upon arrival.

The first 2 days were all about relaxation. We spent the first 2 days exploring the resort, lounging in our room/patio/pool and soaking in some alot of sun.  We stocked up on snacks, watched movies and pretty much bummed out as much as possible. Oh yes, I also spent about an hour each day doing my hair – Nouman hadn’t seen it in around 7 years! By the end of the second day, we felt rejuvenated and were ready to start booking all of our adventures!

Lounging around

Our first expedition was to the city’s capital, Bridgetown. A shuttle took around 15 of us from the resort and dropped us off at the heart of Bridgetown. I’ll be honest, I was a little scared – I had no idea how safe (if at all) Barbados was. I get just as scared when I travel to Pakistan; the uncertainty and general fear of safety is pretty high. Sooo naturally, when Nouman and I got dropped off, we stuck to the crowded streets. We checked out some malls, the parliament buildings, and haggled (very poorly) for souvenirs.

Parliament Building

We felt comfortable and safe a few hours into our trip (we talked to ALOT of locals) so we decided to venture out into one of the alleyways that we had initially avoided. Upon entering the alley, I was taken by surprise. There was colour and life bursting from every nook of the street! We were surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a busy street – full of people buying, selling, haggling or just looking around. The main street was very different to this little area; where the main street was laid back and polished, the inside street was full of character. We also had one of our best meals in the city – we went into a small shack and had yummy fish and definitely THE yummiest drinks ever.

The alleyway

Our lunch spot!

On Friday, we went to Oistins Fish Fry. Basically, locals and tourists gather for a night of fun socializing – vendors sell fresh fish meals, arts and crafts, and lots of music and dancing. It was similar to a big street party. This is where Nouman and I had the fish meal that tasted like chicken. It was a fun night 🙂


The next day we went on a Catamaran Cruise. This was the highlight of our trip. Surrounded by gorgeous turquoise water, we were on the boat for most of the day. We swam with sea turtles (they are so cute!!), snorkeled next to a ship wreck, jet skii’d, ate yummy Bajan food for lunch on the boat, and had a dance battle with another cruise ship. It was ahhhmazing.

Did I mention that sea turtles are cute? At first I was a little scared – they aren’t exactly tiny you know. But once I swam around them for a few seconds, I couldn’t get over their cuteness! One of the crew members had become quite friendly with me (post coming about that soon) so he kept luring the sea turtles towards me with food. Fun! I also got to touch a wild plant near the shipwreck – that was cool.

The boat we had a dance off with

Checking around to see where the turtles are

Just touched one!

It’s a tuwtuwl. Excuse the quality – we bought a $20 underwater camera just before we boarded the boat

Nouman caught in the middle of a school of fish! One of the crew gave me a piece of bread to attract the fish… but I didn’t want so many of them rushing at me all at once. So I gave the bread to Nouman. That’s what marriage is all about.

Snorkeling with my buddy.

Nouman gave me the camera for a second and this is what I came up with. A school of fish that went right through us, a sea turtle, and my hand touching the turtle. Oh yes, and my other hand is taking the picture. Whoa, that’s a whole lot of commotion for one picture

On the last full day of our stay, we went to see Harrison’s Cave. I’ve never been inside a cave (does a makeshift cave under your desk count?) so I was wow’d. Nouman and I couldn’t stop taking everything in. It was beyond cool. We saw stalagmite and stalactite and learned alot about the history of Barbados. Pretty darn cool.

This was amazingly clear water. We got to touch it

One of the cave openings

Other than those activities, we relaxed at the beach and in our suite. I even fell asleep on the beach a few times. I wish I could go back! 🙂

The end.


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  • Toni Lupro

    So… I’m curious. How do people look at you as a hijabi when you’re probably the only one? Is everyone nice about it? Haha, and what do you wear for hot days in the sun and swimming? Still trying to come up with the best outfits for these things, :p.

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