Bridal Room

You might be wondering what I was upto in the bridal room… No? Oh well, I’m going to tell you anyway!

Most of the time, I had visitors in there. There were 2 or 3 times when I was completely alone – it was good to have a few minutes of peace amidst all the craziness. It’s a weird feeling to be sitting in the bridal room as THE BRIDE. Everytime someone would come in, we would squeal with excitement and gush over how amazing everything/everyone looked. Most of the time, it didn’t hit me that I was the one getting married. It hit me like a ton of bricks each time I was alone – especially on the shaadi day.

Each day, I stuffed my face with a huge portion of appetizers. I definitely wasn’t one of the brides who starved themselves.

Mehendi – this was half way into my plate of appetizers. I’d had 3 spring rolls and 2 of the potato looking things when I took this picture

On the wedding day, I was actually pretty nervous while I waited. I was perfectly okay when I was surrounded by people but as soon as I was alone, I got the jitters!

Day of the wedding – I downed all the veggie/fish. The younger one walked in on me stuffing my face. She made fun of me but then joined in 🙂

I got REALLY nervous when I heard the baraat entering. I decided to spy on them from my room. Ofcourse.

Peeking through

The Valima day was the most relaxed. Nouman was with me and I felt calm most of the time – it might have been all the chocolate I consumed while waiting!

Working on his speech

… And now you know what I was upto!


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4 responses to “Bridal Room

  • obsession99

    ha! this is soo cute !! … omg reality just hit me too .. i would really freak out in my bridal room and its something i hadn’t thought about till now!! chocolates … mmm good idea!

  • Mary

    Yummy! Lucky you could eat! I literally didn’t have enough time to eat properly for the whole wedding plus 3 days travelling to India immediately after! 🙂

    Love the photo of you peeking out the door to look at the baarat!

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