Friday’s Feature: Brothers Dance at Our Mehendi

I am dying to share details about our wedding but unfortunately I have very few pictures/videos. Until we don’t get our professional pictures/videos, I can share very limited information. Oh well…

I do have a mehendi video to share with all of you! The dance was done by 3 brothers who are one of our oldest family friends. This was the first dance of the night and it surely set the tone for the night – party, party, party! The boys did a great job – they even surprised me by pulling me up to dance at the end. I had NO idea that they were going to do that but I loved the easy-to-follow steps they had.

These guys took time out of their hectic life (check out their restaurant, Aunty’s Kitchen/Cafe) to make our day(s) more fun and memorable for us – thank you guys 🙂

The video quality doesn’t do justice to their dance – their facial expressions were HILARIOUS!

I know it’s not too clear in the video, but their t-shirts read “Congrats Shaza & Nouman” – isn’t that so sweet? They gave me one to have as a keepsake – yes, washed ofcourse. Oh, by the way, that’s me in the green. The bride. YEAY!

Have a good weekend 🙂


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