Monday’s Munchies: Rocky Mountain’s Chocolate Dipped Brownies

The last few weeks have been food overload for me. I am absolutely guilty of gaining love weight since we’ve been married – we buy each other treats, go to dawats, and attend weddings. These days, everything in our life revolves around food. It’s so hard to avoid all the sinful goods.

For our 2 month anniversary, we decided not to go out for dinner. Instead, I wanted to get Nouman a sweet treat. I decided that I would go to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory since it had been a while – I am so thankful I did. I looked around for a while and then decided to get some chocolate dipped brownies; Nouman loves brownies and we both love all things dipped in chocolate (who doesn’t?!). Since it was my first time trying these, I decided to go safe: chocolate dipped brownies covered in almonds and M&M covered chocolate dipped brownies (for the kid that Nouman is).

The brownies were divinely delicious. I had thought that it might be too sweet but I’m glad I was wrong. The brownie is melt-in-your-mouth moist and the dipped chocolate adds a nice texture to the mix. The dipped chocolate has a great taste on its own – I asked Nouman to describe it and he said: amazing.

My favourite was the almond because I love anything covered in nuts. Nouman liked the M&Ms more. For Eid, we got a white chocolate drizzled chocolate dipped brownie (not pictured) for Nouman’s brother and he loved it more than the almond.


I’ve heard they have chocolate dipped cheesecake and chocolate dipped frozen bananas – I haven’t seen these at any location near me. I’d love to try them though!


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