Wedding Favours

A few of you have emailed and asked me to post about my wedding favours. Hence, I’ve decided to showcase various favours in this post – including ours! YEAY.

  • Cupcake In a Box: Cupcakes have officially taken over everywhere – so why not include them in your wedding too? I love the idea of cupcakes in a box!

Image via Bobette and Belle

  • Personalized Cookies: If you want to add a personal touch to your favours, having the names of your guests on a cookie (or any other dessert) would be great. This can also double up as a cute name card! Obviously this might be hard if you’re a typical desi with 300 + guests at your wedding…

Image via

  • Cake Pops: I’m a big believer of edible favours (stop smirking – I know you guys are not surprised by that revelation). How cute are the below bride & groom cake pops

    Image via Wedding Bee Boards

  • Love Songs: One of Nouman’s friends had a CD with their favourite love songs as wedding favours. It’s cute, it’s sentimental and it allows your guests a better insight into who you are as a couple.

Image via One Fab Day

  • Candy Buffet: If you’ve ever been to a wedding with a candy buffet, you’ll notice that even the oldest people are giddy with excitement around the table. I love candy buffets because it’s an interactive and fun way to make your guests happy!

Image via

  • Take Home Pictures: Another fun trend – a photo booth that has take home pictures. This is a great way for your friends and family to remember your wedding. It creates a memory and is a great keepsake for your guests! If you don’t have access to a photo booth, you can also use polaroid camera’s – have one at each table or a 2-3 at a designated area (i.e. your guest book)

Nouman and I at a BangaBooth

And lastly, our favours.

  • Mehendi: Chooriyan. Both of our families distributed chooriyan to the girls

Photography by Big Al Studios

  • Shaadi: Finally. I can show you guys my favours! For the shaadi (wedding) favours, I ordered candy shaped gift boxes. Since I wore red and purple, I had boxes alternating in colour. Each box had 3 things written on it: Nouman & Shaza, our wedding date, and our “logo.” This logo was on our wedding invitations, our wedding favours, and the wedding programmes. We stuffed the wedding favours with chocolate, nuts, and Shahi Supari (I love those things!)

Photography by Big Al Studios

Nouman’s family also handed out Bidh after our Nikkah

It’s customary for the grooms side to hand out something sweet/with nuts after the Nikkah. Ours had nuts and dried fruits.
Photography by Big Al Studios

  • Reception: Nouman’s family had silver boxes with gold stars as favours. These were stuffed with yummy things such as chocolate, nuts and some sort of supari

Photography by Big Al Studios

… Well, there you have it!


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